Adam Schiff Hit With BRUTAL Karma

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A painful reminder of exactly how far the liberal enclave has fallen, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) was mugged in San Francisco on Thursday just before he was scheduled to attend a fundraiser for another prominent Democrat.

Running for the U.S. Senate, Schiff had come to town to express gratitude to influential lawyer Joe Cotchett for supporting his candidacy to succeed the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein. The San Francisco Chronicle claims that travel bags containing the Democrat’s attire for the lavish event were stolen by burglars who broke into his car.

Rep. Schiff showed there wearing a hiking vest and shirt sleeves instead of his traditional attire.

“I guess it’s ‘Welcome to San Francisco,’” joked Cotchett’s press agent Lee Houskeeper, who was at the dinner at Ristorante Rocca.

Unperturbed, Schiff admitted, “Yes, they took my bags. But I’m here to thank Joe.”

“Adam really showed himself tonight,” Cotchett said. “He’ll be a great senator — he’s going to change the Senate tremendously.”

According to Fox News, Schiff’s break-in occurred just a few days after San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan, who was being questioned, saw his security officer and a vagrant fight on tape.

“While interviewing Mayor Matt Mahan in downtown San Jose, a man was shouting at us and fought Mayor Mahan’s security guard,” KRON4 reporter Jack Molmud wrote in a post along with a video of the incident. “The fight lasted a couple minutes and the man was arrested by SJPD. Police said they were compiling evidence and sending it to the DA’s office.”


Although the reason for the altercation was not audible off camera, it seems that the initiator was trying to gain entry to a nearby building. The “motive and circumstances surrounding the altercation are under investigation,” according to a statement from the local police, Fox continued.

The city of San Francisco has become a symbol of post-Covid urban deterioration, with economists regularly citing it as an example of a “doom loop” where abandoned stores, retail theft, and a mass departure of computer workers who are now remote workers afflict the downtown area. The progressive district attorney who was initially elected by offering even more lenient rules for nonviolent crimes was overthrown by voters last year, and Mayor London Breed, a Democrat, has lately suggested revisions to strengthen punishments for homelessness.

Rep. Schiff supported the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which targeted police officers’ qualified immunity, during the 2020 Black Lives Matter demonstrations. In addition to acknowledging the vital role that law enforcement plays, he stated at the time that the legislation would guarantee “that we have best practices, we have uniform standards for the use of force.” That year, his political rival used the slogan “Early Defends, Schiff Defunds.”

Rep. Schiff and other fairweather Democrats had earlier that year withdrawn their prior backing of Jackie Lacey, the Black prosecutor running for a third term as Los Angeles County district attorney.

“This is a rare time in our nation’s history. We have a responsibility to make profound changes to end systemic racism and reform criminal justice,” Schiff wrote announcing the rescission.

He continued, “(43rd District California Assemblymember) Laura Friedman and I no longer feel our endorsement of Jackie Lacey a year ago has the same meaning. We have decided to withdraw it.”

That year, Lacey was defeated by George Gascón, a supporter of eliminating cash bail.



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