AG Garland Is Slowly Defining A New Criminal Class, Soon You’ll Be Part Of It

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What is it that all of these people have in common? Kyle Rittenhouse, Donald Trump, Nick Sandmann, Mark Houck, Sarah Comrie (also known as “Bike Karen”), and Daniel Penny.

They are all victims of the “two-tiered justice system” and the court of public opinion that is the Marxist media. Since none of these folks committed any crimes, it is understandable why conservatives frequently object to this double standard. Together with its local lackeys, criminal henchmen, and corporate press, Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Justice Department has effectively become a symbol for this kind of persecution.

But complaining about “two-tiered justice” or double standards is pointless. No “double standard” exists; there is simply a hierarchy that excludes you. Their persecution of everyone—from political rivals to common people—is intended to serve as a reminder that they are the elite and that you are only there for their benefit.

Garland and his friends have invented a brand-new criminal classification, the “political criminal,” straight out of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, to enforce this new order.

In Gulag Archipelago (page 505, if you’re interested), Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn noted that thieves and murderers were frequently treated with child gloves in the early USSR. According to the party line, they could be helped and frequently enabled to commit crimes if they chose the correct targets.

Not for anyone who is thought of as a “political criminal,” either directly or indirectly. They soon found themselves in the GULAG. This may sound unsurprising at first, but then you realize that opposing the state may be as easy as having more money than your neighbor, being of an unpopular ethnicity, being a Christian, or even just existing.

These people were known as “terrorists.” Do Joe Biden’s and the media’s incessant rants about “white supremacist, ultra-MAGA terrorism” sound similar to you? That description must frighten you.

We have observed our response to terrorism abroad. We either imprison them, kill them without due process, or both. Biden and company seem to be indicating that they want that for you, the political terrorist.

Conservatives who disagree with the left are regarded as peons. The elite, or at least those above you in the social scale, are leftists and their henchmen, who are free to act however they like without facing any repercussions. No matter how terrible or depraved they are, the party will defend them as long as they serve a purpose.

According to this relationship, Kyle Rittenhouse was supposed to stand by and let his assailants crush his head in. They held all the correct opinions and supported our rotten system. Regardless of his political stance, Kyle Rittenhouse was wrong to oppose them, making him a state enemy.

It was expected that Donald Trump would submit and give up the presidency without a struggle. His offense was to be against the Swamp. Likewise for Daniel Penny. Jordan Neely participated in the left’s plan to create anarchy. He was entirely entitled to commit crimes. According to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Penny had no power to halt his operations.

Want to prevent future rapes and sexualization of your children in schools? You are now a terrorist as a result. You are not even permitted to protect your own children.

In the distorted mindset of the left, white people are always in the wrong, and the facts don’t matter. Despite the fact that Sarah Cowrie paid for that bike with her own cash, the left still holds this belief. In the event that things had progressed to the point where they became violent, you can rest assured that the media would have either completely justified it or covered it up.

Meanwhile, violent offenders are never punished for their actions. Many liberals are under the impression that they are powerless victims of the system. They can be rehabilitated if we simply provide the system with additional money, which should normally come from their political opponents.

But the underlying reason that liberals have a propensity to coddle criminals is not because of any kind of romantic relationship to them. In Soviet jargon, these individuals were referred to as “social allies.” Every type of antisocial, child-groping, and lethal criminal is an ally of the left in their mission to undermine the system that permits free people to prosper. This includes people who commit crimes against children.

The current attempts by the left to frame conservatives for “terrorism” are really a warm-up act for the eventual attempt to take your life that they will make.


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