All Hell Breaks Loose Live On NBC When Shocking News About Biden Surfaces

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Ahead of the 2024 election, NBC’s Steve Kornacki and Meet The Press host Kristen Welker responded to yet another survey that revealed bad news for President Biden.

“We talk about the erosion for Biden and now you start to see it,” Kornacki said in response to the most recent survey, adding with surprise, “Look at these numbers.” When questioned about a variety of important characteristics and topics, such as handling inflation and the economy, 52 percent of respondents chose former President Trump, indicating that Trump had an advantage. Only 40% of respondents chose President Biden, which is a 22-point swing in favor of Trump.

When asked how important it was for respondents to have good physical and mental health, President Trump also scored highly. Regarding Trump’s cognitive capacity, 45 percent of respondents felt more at ease than they did about Biden (20 percent of respondents supported Biden).

Of those surveyed, 47% chose Trump and 36% chose Biden as the candidate who was the most “competent and effective.” And when we actually conducted a poll on this topic in 2020, the results were essentially the reverse. Kornacki observed that Biden had a roughly 10-point lead over Trump, eliciting a “wow” from Welker.“

And again, same with handling a crisis. Biden had the edge over Trump. And how about this? It’s the former president, the current president. We don’t really see matchups like this. Well, now we can measure it,” Kornacki continued.

Again, voters chose Trump over Clinton when asked who had a better track record as president—another departure from 2020. Once more, Trump is surpassing Biden in that regard. And once more, this one must be mentioned as well. essential bodily and mental well-being. Four years ago, we posed this question. The outcome was a wash. Joe Biden is now obviously exposed by it, Kornacki informed the audience.

“So these are all troubling numbers for Biden.”

Voters regularly express concerns about Biden’s mental health and disapprove of the way he handles the economy, according to polls. This has continued despite the fact that Trump and Biden’s overall lead in the race has shrunk in recent weeks as a result of Biden’s enormous spending binge.

By emphasizing “Bidenomics,” the Biden campaign seems to have accepted its political disadvantages. Despite continuous polling indicating displeasure with inflation and the state of the economy overall, Biden’s economic advisors have consistently asserted that Biden has “the world’s strongest economic” record.

A recent campaign ad portraying President Biden as “sharp as a knife” suggests that the campaign is finally addressing questions about his mental health.




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