All Hell Breaks Loose Outside Prison Moments Before Bannon Surrenders

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Steve Bannon, a former Trump advisor, turned himself in to police on Monday to start his four-month prison term for contempt of Congress.

Just before noon, he checked himself into the Federal Correctional Institute Danbury in Danbury, Connecticut, to start completing his term.

Following his filing of an emergency appeal with the high court on Friday, Bannon requested to be released from prison during the appeals process, but the Supreme Court declined his plea on Friday.

Before entering the Danbury facility, Bannon addressed his fans and expressed his pride in starting his sentence.”I am proud to go to prison,” Bannon said. “If this is what it takes the stand up to tyranny, if this way it takes the stand up to the Garland corrupt criminal DOJ, if this is what it takes to stand up to Nancy Pelosi, if this is what it takes to stand up to Joe Biden, I’m proud to do it. ”

Bannon spoke while protestors and supporters yelled over one another. Bannon was accompanied by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican Senate candidate Royce White, former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince, and a priest.

When ABC News questioned Bannon about his behavior, he refused to back down.

“I have not only no regrets,” Bannon said, “I’m actually proud of what I did, I’d feel terrible if I didn’t do it. I don’t mind going to prison today.”

Relatives of the former president Donald Trump were informed by Bannon that he will continue to back his campaign from behind bars and that his War Room podcast will be “bigger and better than ever.”

“My voice is not needed by you. We are a movement of populists,” Bannon declared.

“Victory or death,” Bannon concluded. “It’s time for me to surrender up at Danbury.”

Bannon, 70, was given an order by a U.S. court judge to report to jail by July 1 in order to start completing his term.

Following former Trump adviser Peter Navarro’s March report to jail, Bannon is the second Trump adviser to be found guilty and sentenced to prison for not cooperating with the Jan. 6 panel.




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