All It Took Was One Inconvenience for Biden Supporters to Turn on Him: ‘He Thinks He’s a King’

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It’s common knowledge that the Washington Post and its leftist readers have excused all of Joe Biden’s bad moves, from Hunter Biden to Ukraine and all the other joys in between. To the outside viewer, the Washington Post’s loyalty to the president is unbreakable.

However, The New York Post alleged that their love affair had finally tanked on Tuesday, July 4th, when Joe Biden committed the only sin they couldn’t excuse – he held up traffic.

James Bovard, an American Author wrote on Twitter, “For every scandal of his presidency, Biden could count on unflinching, irrevocable support from the Washington Post & its devoted readers. That ended yesterday,” attaching the article by the New York Post.

Joe Biden’s motorcade shut down on one of the busiest roads in Washington D.C., the Beltway. This caused a significant traffic jam during rush hour.

The roads were then shut down to allow for Biden’s motorcade to travel uninterrupted to a prestigious fundraiser in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

This shutdown allegedly caused backups as far as five miles, and potentially more. This left the residents of Washington, including the devoted readers of the Washington Post, fuming at the disruption. When a short piece was published about the situation, it received over one hundred forty (140) comments.

The New York Post reposted some of the complaints left by angry Washington Post readers.

One reader wrote: “4 hours of my life I can’t get back. This has single-handedly cost my capital D Democrat vote for you Sleepy Uncle Joe … If Der Oranj Furor wins by one vote, you know what cost you the election.”

Another reader commented, “Why not take the 7-mile most direct route? Because he thinks he’s a king.”

And yet another complained that Biden “is so out of touch with us ‘Unwashed’ that he didn’t even know what Rush Hour is let alone when it is.”

This reader had a great idea: “He likes to ride his bike so let Joe pedal away on backroads.”

Don’t mind the political scandals, economic struggles, or unidentified flying objects. Why would those be of any concern to leftists? Instead, it was when they had to sit for a few hours with other Washington residents during rush hour traffic that really got the ball rolling for the readers to collectively lose their minds.

Ah, but such outrage didn’t seem suit for the people along the southern border, who were violated by over 211,401 illegal immigrants in just April alone.

Not to forget those from East Palestine, Ohio, whom the media and the Biden administration seemed to have both forgotten and chose to ignore. It’s hard to believe those people, having lived in an area with a toxic train derailment, would be upset about living safely and having to sit in traffic for some time.

Though, since the President rarely leaves his home for much other than fundraisers, issues with traffic caused by him may not be often enough for Washington Post readers to break it off with him quite yet.

The change of tone does suggest that their relationship isn’t kisses and giggles anymore, though. Hostility toward the President may be on the horizon.


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