Americans Horrified After Seeing How Biden Looked at Beach

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He is the most depressing dude on earth.

In front of cameras, President Joe Biden went to the beach with his family on Saturday in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. He shuffled across uneven sand, fidgeted with an uncooperative beach chair, and generally showed the world what an 80-year-old man in poor physical condition looks like in a summertime setting.

For the benefit of both Biden and the nation, the American political class could do without the beach body photo.

In a Twitter tweet, conservative pundit Benny Johnson likely spoke for many Biden detractors when he called the pictures a “snapshot of an America in Decline.”

“Pale, shriveled, shirtless Joe Biden fumbling around on the beach before being escorted back to the nursing home is a fitting snapshot of an America in Decline,” Johnson wrote in a tweet published Saturday.

“We are judged by the strength and fitness of our leaders.

“What does this say the world?”

Well, to begin with, if the United States is to be judged by the fitness of its current president, the verdict is already guilty — guilty of historic fecklessness in appointing a man in one of the most demanding positions on earth who is obviously incompetent; guilty of criminal partisanship in accepting Biden as a suitable candidate for the job in the first place because virtually no other member of his Democratic Party was presidential material in 2020 (and isn’t now); guilty of the th

But no American citizen who has been paying attention since April 2019, when Biden declared his presidential run, was unaware of it prior to the appearance of photos from Biden’s beach vacation on social media.

Johnson contrasted the apparent indifference of Biden’s fellow beachgoers with the raucous reception former President Donald Trump received Saturday night at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas where he showed up to watch mixed martial arts fighting. According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the party of the president, first lady Jill Biden, and granddaughter Finnegan appeared all but ignored in the videos.

The main character is fully dressed in contrast to the other two men, which is a concession to decency and decorum that plainly doesn’t restrain a career narcissist like Biden, who is probably approaching the second phase of senescence nonetheless.

It’s not difficult to picture Trump strutting around in a pair of bathing trunks without a shirt on; he would likely look just as flaccidly pale as most other large-framed, 77-year-old guys with British Isles blood in their veins.

Biden’s pallor is hardly his fault; Irish Americans don’t tan easily. But it is Biden’s responsibility since he doesn’t care that he is making both his country and himself seem weak. He has been doing that since January 20, 2021, through his acts. He didn’t have to do this as well.

In other words, even though an 80-year-old man with an 80-year-old man’s physique is not inherently frightening, it is horrifying that the country’s president shows such little respect for the public perception of his job.

The feedback on social media was largely unfavorable.

The truth is that what Biden did was extremely vulgar and self-centered (he should have returned to Scranton and picked up some manners). In order to respect the office of the presidency, it is just inappropriate for Americans to witness Trump exercising on the beach with Melania while he is still involved in politics.

(That’s not to say the country wouldn’t benefit somewhat from seeing some pictures of Melania donning some aesthetically appropriate beachwear; it’s just an unfortunately decent bet that it won’t happen.)

Images like these simply promote how much time Biden has spent on vacation while purportedly running the Republic, aside from the proprieties. The beach excursion marks Biden’s 353rd vacation day since assuming office, or 39.2 percent of his presidency, according to RNC Research (see if your boss will be that understanding).

Politics is all about perception, and Biden’s half-naked antics on a beach do not make a positive perception for a man who, regrettably, represents the United States on the international scene.

Biden has already accidentally shown too many times that he is unfit to hold the position of president. His constant mistakes range from regrettable to worrying to irrational (while the country’s foes overseas gnash their teeth). His physical condition and coordination are undeniably becoming worse, as evidenced by his frequent trips over sandbags, falls off bikes, and repeated trips up flights of stairs.

The president’s unintentional mistake of permitting himself to be photographed on a beach is the kind of unintentional mistake that can only be brought on by arrogance. (The same kind of hubris was displayed in 2017 when then-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie parked his sizable frame on a public beach that he had previously closed to Garden State residents due to a state financial crisis, but to Christie’s somewhat credit, it’s unlikely he intended to be photographed doing it.)

It might have been best to put it like this:

Of all, Biden has no control over his own physical deterioration because his party’s claims to the contrary don’t alter the reality of the human body.

However, the United States has the option of continuing to accept the decline that Biden and his despicable party are imposing on it through their policies.

And in 2024, the answer to that question must be a resounding, unequivocal “no.”

Joe will be allowed to wander about on the beach all he wants once he returns to his normal life at home.


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