Angry Libs Show Up To Trump Rally In Vegas – Immediately Pay The Price

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Participants of the rally organized by former President Donald Trump in Las Vegas, Nevada promptly apprehended and exposed protesters, subsequently expelling them from the gathering.

As reported by the Reno Gazette Journal, following Trump’s appearance, two demonstrators with their faces concealed by bandannas, commenced shouting at the leading Republican candidate at his event on Saturday.

Attendees in the audience promptly apprehended the demonstrators, a male and female, and directed them towards the exit while the remainder of the audience vociferously chanted, “USA! USA! USA!” The demonstrators endeavored to vociferate their opposition to Trump, nevertheless they were overpowered by the boisterous rally throng.

Furthermore, when the two individuals were being directed towards the exit, other members of the rally throng made efforts to remove their masks. An individual managed to forcefully remove the male protester’s mask before being expelled from the demonstration.

Watch the events unfold below:

During this incident, Trump briefly interrupted his statements but resumed without acknowledging the demonstrators. During previous Trump rallies, protesters have encountered menacing threats and physical assaults, with Trump himself openly endorsing such behavior from the stage.


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