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Russian sources have alleged that an assassination plot targeting American journalist Tucker Carlson was stopped in Moscow. Russian authorities claim that the scheme was coordinated by Ukrainian intelligence with the goal of assassinating the prominent media figure using an explosive device.

Carlson was the alleged target, following his recent interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The suspect, a resident of Podolsk, was apprehended by Russian counter-terrorism police prior to carrying out the plan.

Russian officials allege that the person was following orders from the State Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine and planned to place the explosive device under a car parked in the subterranean parking lot of the Four Seasons Hotel, where Carlson was residing.

The sequence of events indicates that the attack was timed to coincide with Carlson’s visit to Russia from February 1 to February 8.

The responses to these claims have been mixed, with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) stressing how crucial it is to shield journalists, writing on X, “This is true and extremely terrifying.”

According to Russian authorities, the suspect was allegedly recruited by Ukrainian intelligence in November 2023, with the promise of a $4,000 payoff upon completing the assignment. The veracity of these assertions is currently uncertain, as there is no independent verification accessible at present.

It is crucial to acknowledge the speculative nature of this material, especially considering the intricate network of international interactions and propaganda that frequently defines reports from combat zones or regions of geopolitical instability.

These assertions, whether based on fact or propaganda, demonstrate the intricate nature of international relations and the influence of media on public opinion.

Carlson has indicated that he believes he was monitored by US intelligence agencies, particularly the NSA, while he was in Russia. He claimed that the surveillance was intended to sabotage his conversation with Putin, suggesting a larger story of media manipulation and espionage.

However, the story of the foiled assassination plot against Tucker Carlson in Moscow is still shrouded in speculation due to the lack of solid evidence.


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