Bad News For Joe Biden After BRUTAL Video Of Him Goes Viral

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Social media users reacted angrily to a startling new video that showed President Joe Biden and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) clutching each other as they eased across a San Francisco airport tarmac, seemingly aiming for their advanced ages.

As part of a three-day fundraising tour throughout the Golden State, Biden, 81, met Pelosi, 83, upon his arrival at SFO on Wednesday afternoon, according to NBC News.

The footage shows the octogenarian president and Speaker Emerita gingerly making their way to board Marine One after being greeted on the tarmac by Pelosi and Mayor London Breed.

There was a lot of sniping going on the internet as the two front-runner Democrats held onto each other for the majority of the tarmac walk.

“Can either one walk?” one X user quipped.

“Two old cronies plotting and holding each other up,” another wrote.

“On Golden Pond Part II,” another person said, alluding to the 1981 film in which Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda played an elderly couple tasked with raising their adolescent grandson.

“She could have just brought a walker!” scoffed another user, while someone else joked: “Geriatrics unite!!”

Another user called it a “nursing home reunion.”



Pelosi astonishingly stated earlier this month in a CNN interview that even though Biden clearly has mental health issues, “he’s younger than I am,” therefore she really can’t attack his age.

Next month, Pelosi will turn eighty-four, yet she supported Biden despite committing multiple blunders of her own.

“I’ve worked with the president for a long time, especially closely as speaker when he was president, and now since then, and he knows– I mean, he’s always on the ball,” she told host Anderson Cooper. “Anyone who would think that they’re at some advantage because of his age thinks that they’re in peril because he’s very sharp.”

Cooper noted there are “a lot of Democrats who have concerns about his age” and “about his mental fitness,” referencing the recent incident where Biden appeared to confuse Mexico and Egypt in addressing a question about his – ironically — mental acuity.

Pelosi fired back by saying, “Well, I think that people do make mistakes. I think his age is one thing, that’s an objective fact. His making mistakes from time to time, we all do that. When the former, ex-president, defeated President Trump made a mistake about one thing or another, he would make the same mistake seven times. It wasn’t a slip of the tongue, it was a complete going down a path of something that wasn’t even true, intentionally or otherwise.”

“So I think that, again, age is an objective fact. As I say, it’s all relative. He’s younger than I am, so what do I have to say about his age? But he is, again, knowledgeable, wise.”

“Joe Biden has vision, he has knowledge, he has a strategic thinker,” she added. “This is a very sharp president in terms of his public presentation. If he makes a slip of the tongue here or there, what’s the deal?”

Regarding Biden’s mental health, the vast majority of Americans do not agree with the California Democrat.

A recent NBC News poll finds that 89% of participants, or nearly 9 out of 10, are concerned about Biden’s mental health.

“The poll published Tuesday — ahead of Biden’s press conference Thursday where he was grilled about his age and mental acuity — found that 62 percent of registered voters nationally have ‘major concerns’ that he does not have ‘the necessary mental and physical health to be president for a second term.’ Another 14 percent have ‘moderate’ worries, while 13 percent expressed ‘minor concerns,’” Breitbart News reported, citing the results.

By comparison, just over 1 in 10 said they had “no concerns” about Biden’s mental state.





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