Bannon Goes Scorched Earth At CPAC – Crowd Goes Absolutely Wild

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Steve Bannon, the host of the top-rated War Room program and a former top aide to President Donald J. Trump, was a central figure- of intense public interest- this year at the gathering of the country’s leading Conservatives called CPAC.

Bannon gave his speech on the main stage on Friday, which got the audience on their feet in approval and ready to take action to preserve their liberty against an out-of-control administrative state.

Little did anyone expect that on Friday the audience would successfully move the needle on the corporate media, right there from their seats- on that day.

But they did and it was amazing.  The power move was something that is bound to infuriate Bannon’s detractors about his lasting importance in politics and media- even more.

Bannon crushed Fox News for refusing to cover Trump’s appearance in East Palestine Ohio the prior week, and that was a mistake for Fox. The small community has experienced an epic disaster and the Biden administration is ignoring them.  Trump’s appearance there was iconic and newsworthy.

And he crushed them, because he heard they were not going to cover Trump’s CPAC speech- but in the end they did.

Bannon said about the network’s slight of Trump’s press conference to the people of Ohio:  ” You have deemed that Trump is not going to be President, well we have deemed that you are not going to have a network.”

That was the smackdown.

Bannon is a crucial figure in directing the MAGA movement on how to use their authority as Americans and claim their power as citizens, as he guides them on how to push the trigger points of Washington DC’s elite corporate media and on lawmakers and make them change.

And that is exactly what Bannon and his ‘War Room Posse’ did at CPAC. The results are there for everyone to see. Bannon was a forcing function on his own.

Bannon, during his War Room, broadcasts for the entire four days of the convention, proved over and over that he knows precisely what he is doing as a daily show to build up warriors,  and then his firey Friday comments -for all the world to see- made Fox News jump, and change their naughty prior behavior of ignoring Trump.

After two years of being in Florida, the CPAC gathering was held at the National Harbor, near Washington DC. This year Bannon’s War Room broadcast, from media row, was live to the nation and visited by many of the other featured event speakers, who all gave their own rousing support of the Populist-Nationalist ‘MAGA’ movement that Bannon himself was an architect of going back to his days as the Executive Chairman of Breitbart News and before with his movie Undefeated about the Firebrand Sarah Palin.

Bannon is no stranger to the DC movers and shakers or how the ‘game is played’ in politics. For three years he has dedicated himself to teaching and building a very closely linked America First movement of grassroots activists, voters, lawmakers, and media.

His influence over millions of people is undeniable, and therefore even the ‘woke’ corporate advertisers who influence the content of cable news organizations like FOX, know when to fear him- just like they feared him last week from CPAC.

Here is what Bannon said that smacked down Fox News:

Here is the result of what Bannon said – Fox covered Trump:

And Kari Lake is right; Bannon is our modern-day George Washington:

The DC Enquire reported their reaction to the speech, “On Friday, ‘War Room’ and longtime Trump ally Steve Bannon was on fire during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). During his speech, Bannon blasted the Republican establishment and praised President Trump for his leadership.

Trump ‘Gives You A Voice and He Will Not Back Down”

“In a very volatile time in American history he gave us four years of peace and prosperity,” Bannon explained. “You know why? You know why? He put you in the room to make decisions. Out of the room, out of the deal.”

“And Trump not only puts you in the room, he puts you at the head of the table. And that’s why they hate him,” he continued. “They don’t hate him because he’s Trump, they hate him because he represents you. He gives you a voice and they will not back down.”

“They don’t hate him because he’s Trump,” he said about the Democrats and establishment. “They hate him because he represents you. He gives you a voice and he will not back down.”

Bannon also went after Fox News for its lackluster coverage of Trump, explaining, “Look at Fox News. The president announces – this is historic – the guy gave you four years of peace and prosperity, announces he is going to run again after having it stolen in broad daylight in which they participate in. They cover it live for 20 minutes and then they say, ‘if there’s anything newsworthy we’ll cut back.’ And they go back to some panel or some discussion. Note to Fox senior management, when Donald J. Trump talks, it’s newsworthy.”

What happened in the first week of January, you had Matt Gaetz and Boebert and the magnificent six, and they put it on the line,” Bannon said about their effort to win concessions from Speaker Kevin McCarthy during the speakership election. “And what did Fox News do? They rolled out Karl Rove and the hack from the Bush administration that got us in this mess and said we need unity. We’re not looking for unity, we’re looking for victory. We’re not looking for compromise, we’re looking to save our country.”

Bannon also spoke about the dangerous time that the country is currently in and explained that he expects a crisis to take place in the coming years.

The storm is here. This is the most dangerous time in world history since the late 1930s, and early 1940s. And how did we get here? Our betters, our elites led us here step by step by step,” Bannon said. “What you have now is that you have two converging crises. A crisis of capital markets and economics and a crisis of geopolitical and military. They are converging very rapidly and then they are going to conflate. Once they conflate, they are going to spin out of control and it’s anybody’s bet.”

“Donal J Trump is not simply a leader of a political party. He is not a politician. He is a leader of the most powerful political movement in American history,” Bannon said.

“If your task and purpose is to take your country back, this country will be saved,” Bannon said.



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