Bannon Issues Urgent Warning Days Before Checking Into Prison

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On a Saturday episode of his show, popular podcast host Steve Bannon—who previously managed former President Donald Trump’s campaign—discussed the recent CNN interview with former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, in which McCabe stated that members of the intelligence community fear they will be sent to prison if Trump wins another term in office.

RealClearPolitics reports that Bannon was found guilty of contempt of Congress and sentenced to a total of four months in prison, which will start on July 1. The charges stemmed from his refusal to appear before the January 6th committee, which was predominately composed of left-leaning lawmakers.

“McCabe, you were the deputy at the American Gestapo and you are going to suffer the consequences,” Bannon went on to say during “War Room.”

“Accountability Day starts at noon on January 20, 2025.”

“These are smart people, they know the law. Hell, he was the deputy [director] of the FBI, they know the laws they broke. And here’s the thing McCabe, we’re going to have access to everything,” Bannon continued during the program. “Oh, these are ‘torturous conversations?’ Well, if you didn’t do anything wrong, then they wouldn’t be torturous conversations.”

“The crimes of the FBI are manifest, the incompetence of the FBI is manifest… McCabe, the Earth ain’t big enough for you to hide from us,” Bannon sternly told the embittered former FBI deputy director.

This is a portion of the McCabe interview transcript:

ANDREW MCCABE: It is terrifying, it’s frightening. I have a lot of conversations with former colleagues, people who are or were in the intelligence and law enforcement community, and they have worked in the Obama administration, other places. People are really trying to assess what life is going to be like if Donald Trump wins a second term? On a very personal level, these are torturous discussions with their family members about whether or not they will have to leave the country to avoid being unconstitutionally and illegally detained. People are actually worried about being thrown in jail or grabbed in some sort of extrajudicial detention. As crazy as this sounds in the United States of America, I think people should really consider that these are possibilities. Listen to what the man says; he typically does what he says, as crazy as it seems. That’s really all the indicators you need.

CNN HOST: Do you personally worry about it?

MCCABE: Yeah, absolutely. I’m not gonna hide it. It is something that anyone who has been in his crosshairs, on his perceived enemies list, is considering. People have different ways of thinking about how they’re gonna react to it and what they’ll do in the moment, but those are personal decisions. It is a very real concern for a lot of people.

Bannon responded to McCabe’s remarks by stating that the right would target not only him but also Comey, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and possibly even Eric Holder. He further stated that the American people would hold all of these people responsible for the crimes they are alleged to have committed against this nation.


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