Bannon Warns Elon Musk Is ‘Bought and Paid For’ by Communist China

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Steve Bannon, a former senior adviser to President Donald Trump, thinks the United States is rapidly deteriorating under the present administration but that there is still time to restore some sort of normalcy and prevent a complete collapse.

If the Democrats and Joe Biden lose in 2024, that is.

Bannon, the host of the well-known “War Room” podcast on the Real America’s Voice network, was first asked if he agreed that the nation is enduring one of the most dire conditions in its history and that there is only a limited window of opportunity to turn things around or lose the country as it was founded in an interview with Natural News founder and editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, for Brighteon TV.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt. I think if you look at the three previous crises of this country — the Civil War, the Great Depression, and World War II…and that’s just the problems on the basic politics, economics, invasion, sovereignty issues. It doesn’t even deal with the issues of an existential threat like the Chinese Communist Party and how they’ve infiltrated… And it doesn’t even touch upon artificial intelligence and the convergence and the singularity. So if you look at this — this is, I think, the most dangerous time not simply in American history, I think it’s the most dangerous time in world history. And now, because of artificial intelligence and biotechnology and the advances, I think it’s the most dangerous time for the human race,” Bannon said on his show.

He concurred with Adams that left-wing cultural norms and “woke” ideals are being injected by the designers of AI tools like ChatGTP, but he emphasized that it is more than that. He predicts that eventually AI systems and algorithms will be able to program themselves and may even perceive humans as the “enemy.”

The two also talked about the billionaire businessman Elon Musk throughout the segment. According to Bannon, Musk purchased Twitter in order to eventually build a sizable AI operation. He also asserted that Chinese money was used to finance Musk’s electric car startup, Tesla.

“If he’s got some plan or sees it as some cybernetic global brain for humanity…if you see what he’s thinking about with Twitter, what he feels he has, combined with the AI of Tesla, understanding that both are fully financed by the Chinese Communist Party, that’s never been disclosed, and he won’t talk about it, we have a problem.”

Adams pointed out that despite Musk’s commitment to free speech, Brighteon TV video is still not permitted on Twitter and that his legal team has already written demand letters to the social media site, threatening legal action unless Musk permits the content to be viewed.

However, according to Bannon, who believes Adams is one of the most knowledgeable anti-CCP voices in America today and that Musk has been “bought and paid for” by the Chinese, Musk isn’t ready to make that commitment.

Adams noted that Western countries, in particular, are quickly moving in that direction. The discussion then shifted to the global push to centralize currencies through the use of digitized money via “Central Bank Digital Currencies.”

“One of our objectives…is to end the Federal Reserve,” Bannon said, in regard to the “MAGA” movement started by Trump, who was the first candidate to declare for the GOP presidential nomination in November. “It is a complete scam that has caused the concentration of wealth in this country of 1 percent of our population, our citizens, control 90 percent of the assets.

If the founders were able to revisit today’s America, Bannon said, “They would spit on the floor of what we’ve allowed to happen. The Federal Reserve is the funding mechanism for that.”

Bannon continued by saying that if Americans were made to adopt a biometric device that would need to be scanned in order to interact with others and digital currency that could be followed in real-time and taken away at will, “we might as well be in a prison camp.”

“That’s why I said this is the most dangerous time in American history,” Bannon continued, “and I believe the most dangerous time in global history and the most dangerous time for the human race,” he added.



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