Barack Obama Busted At ‘Mystery Meeting’ – This Says It ALL

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When he was spotted on Monday entering 10 Downing Street for a meeting with US Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, former president Barrack Obama sparked rumors.

Due to the former president’s lack of explanation regarding the purpose of his visit, many on social media were left wondering. Additionally, when he entered the premises on Monday afternoon, he did not respond to inquiries from reporters.

About an hour later, he was observed leaving the prime minister’s mansion by the rear door.

Obama and U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom Jane Hartley came out of the building together, but neither said anything. One reporter questioned, “Mr. President, why should we care about democracy in Russia?” Another said, “Do you have a few moments?”

The former president laughed and remarked, “I’m tempted,” before getting into a waiting motorcade.

The 44th president’s secret visit sparked a lot of conjecture, with many people speculating if it was related to the ongoing controversy surrounding the Royal Family. However, a statement from the prime minister’s office claims that the visit was scheduled in advance.

“The Prime Minister welcomed Barack Obama to No 10 this afternoon for an informal meeting, as part of the former President’s visit to London with the Obama Foundation,” a Downing Street spokesperson said in a statement to the New York Post. ”

“They discussed a range of issues, including international affairs and AI,” the spokesperson added.

Over the past few days, the former president has been spotted throughout Europe in addition to his visit to the United Kingdom. Obama made remarks at the FTI SuperNova technology festival in Belgium over the weekend. The New York Post said that he also went to Brussels’ Laeken Castle, where he posed for a picture with Belgium’s King Philippe and Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant.

During his two tenure as US president, Obama made three trips to London; his most recent trip was in 2016.



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