Biden Busted On Hot Mic After SOTU: ‘Don’t Repeat This’

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Following his State of the Union address, President Joe Biden was seen speaking with Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) while wearing a hot microphone. The president mentioned a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, possibly without realizing he was streaming.

Regarding the current humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Biden hinted that he and Prime Minister Netanyahu are getting ready for a “come to Jesus” meeting.

Bennet complimented Biden on his speech during the exchange and urged the president to keep putting pressure on Netanyahu over the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza. The brief conversation also included participation from Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

When informed, Biden said, “I’m on a hot mic here,” to which he replied, “Good.” That’s good.


The expression alludes to the Biden administration’s mounting worry and possible change in stance over the Middle East situation. It is commonly understood to signify a moment of truth or a crucial confrontation.

The phrase also raises the possibility of taking a tough stance in upcoming talks with Netanyahu.


According to Fox News:

Given the camera hovering around President Biden as he spent several minutes talking with various members of Congress after the address, he may have purposefully “accidentally” leaked his frustrations with Netanyahu, as the war in Gaza has become a political sore spot for him. Last month, a report emerged that Biden had privately disparaged Netanyahu over their discussions and his handling of Israel’s war.

Israel’s war on Hamas and the Palestinian death toll in Gaza has triggered intense criticism from pockets of the left, with accusations that Biden is supporting “genocide.” Progressives have organized protest votes against him in recent Democratic primaries in a potential warning sign for his election hopes in swing states.

During his State of the Union address, Biden castigated Hamas over its Oct. 7 attack on Israel and called it a vile terrorist organization, but he also admonished Israel to “protect innocent civilians in Gaza” and not make humanitarian aid a “secondary consideration or a bargaining chip.”

While traveling to deliver the State of the Union speech, a sizable contingent of pro-Palestine protesters obstructed Biden’s motorcade route. In video captured by local reporter Oliya Scootercaster, demonstrators were heard yelling “ceasefire now” as they sat down in the street. Another group carried a sign that said, “Joe Biden’s legacy is genocide,” while others hoisted a massive, black banner that read, “Ceasefire.”

Others wearing black shirts conveyed the same message by holding signs that said, “End the blockade on Gaza.”

At some point, the group stopped Biden’s motorcade near the Capitol, where he was supposed to give what might be his last State of the Union speech at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. It’s unclear if the obstruction will cause the president’s speech to be delayed.

The president has faced several challenges as a result of the crisis, including accusations from the progressive base that he is condoning genocide by supplying the Israeli government with military and humanitarian aid. More than 100,000 Democrats in Michigan cast “uncommitted” ballots to make a statement to the outgoing president.







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