Biden Gets Disastrous News After ‘God Save The Queen’ Speech

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President Joe Biden received more unfavorable information as he continues to age.

His poll scores have suffered as a result of his disastrous appearance last week, during which he concluded his speech in Connecticut with the words “God save the Queen,” even though the monarch had passed away the previous year.

According to a recent Partners poll, 71% of Americans, including 49% of Democrats, think Biden is too elderly to serve as president.

The survey also revealed that 52% of Americans think their situation has gotten worse since Biden took office.

“There are few things that unite American voters, but there is one: the belief that Biden is too old to be president,” James Johnson, one of the founders of J.L. Partners, said to the DailyMail.

“Decisive margins across all age groups, ethnic groups, and political parties agree with the sentiment.

“And worryingly for the current president, those most likely to say they are worse off under Biden’s policies include groups with disproportionate impact come an election: Independent voters and 45-64 year olds,” he said.

“Though he managed to avoid his age becoming a pivotal issue in 2020, it looks set to be the defining hesitation in voters’ minds next year,” he said.

He made fun of his age in his address this week in Connecticut.

“A lot of you are tired,” he said. “You’re tired. No, I get it. Try being 110 and doing it again.”

This was the same speech where he baffled the press by saying “God save the Queen.”

On Friday, after giving a speech and concluding it with an odd statement, Biden looked to need help getting off the stage.

Gun regulation was the topic of Biden’s speech at the National Safety Communities Summit in Connecticut; this is a position that both his administration and Democrats support. “God save the queen, man,” the president exclaimed as he thanked everyone for coming before leaving the stage.

The late Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, who passed away on September 8 at Balmoral Castle in Ballater, Scotland, is likely the subject of his comment. It’s interesting to note that while Jill Biden, the first lady, attended King Charles III’s coronation, Biden attended her funeral in London. Therefore, the new proverb should be “God save the king.”

“But the scene became even more bizarre immediately following the gaffe. Biden seemed unaware of where he should exit, pointing at the people off-stage and asking them where he should go,” the Western Journal reported. “Eventually, an aide came up and helped him off, and Biden awkwardly jogged across the stage to make an exit.”

Harris Faulkner, a Fox News host, talked about the consequences and ramifications of Biden’s horrific fall after delivering the commencement address at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs earlier this month.

Biden “looked like a bug” during a section of “Outnumbered,” according to Faulkner, who claimed that Biden presented a “very vulnerable, capitulated view for an enemy.” Faulkner made this claim after Biden fell on stage.

Kayleigh McEnany, a former press secretary for the White House, opened the piece with a picture of the fall. As a result, the co-hosts took turns criticizing Biden and the “message” that he was sending to the globe.

“His images often summed up a presidency, and I saw his yesterday of this, he tweeted it out, and it’s just this image of the Biden presidency of him being helped up in a kind of decrepit position, and it’s, you risk an image like this defining your presidency, regardless of the sandbag, but just the questions of mental acuity and more,” said McEnany.

Faulkner responded in a comparable manner.

“Well, I’m just gonna say it – just before that photograph was taken, he was on the ground with his heels and the soles of his feet faced the sky and it reminded me of when he had fallen off the bike, he wasn’t clipped into the bike, but he had his feet in the clips, he wasn’t moving, he had stopped, and he tipped over and he ended up like in sort of a bug position with his heels and his hands to the- that is a very vulnerable, capitulated view to an enemy,” she said.

“And just knowing that our enemies see him like that and the soles of his feet and can’t get up on his own and that sort of thing is difficult. But having that compassion that Emily is talking about is important. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. really wants to debate this president, but he told me he was never gonna debate him. I mean, Biden can’t go do that,” Faulkner added.


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