Biden Gives Three Alarming Answers to Reporters’ Questions At Cabinet Meeting

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On Tuesday, Joe Biden met with his cabinet. As the president’s aides attempted to shout over the media and shoo them out of the room, three questions were thrown at the president.

Even for Joe Biden, who is known for stumbling over his words and movements, his reactions were odd.

What message would he convey to Russia over the explosion at the dam in Ukraine? His answer? “We’re going to help Ukraine; we’re not leaving.”

He was challenged by a reporter as to why, given that D-Day was such a significant historical event for the American people, he had not released an official statement on its anniversary. Biden said, “It’s coming.

Then they asked him about the PGA/Live combination that we had previously reported. His answer? I’m planning on being a PGA.”

Some people questioned whether he was admitting that we were in Ukraine after his response regarding Ukraine. What on earth was he saying?

His other responses, though, were much more bizarre.

On June 6, at roughly 2:00 pm, Biden responded to D-Day. It was already half past noon when he finally said, “It’s coming.” What in the world is going through this man’s head? Evidently not much because it is just a confusing mess.

Later, just before 6 p.m. EST, Fox’s Jacqui Heinrich tweeted that he had finally gotten around to making an official statement.

Heinrich pointed out that the previous year, after missing the day for the second year in a row, he didn’t write anything until 9 p.m. EST.

Instead, Biden was able to issue his proclamation for “Pride Month” on May 31, the day before the month officially began. He kept it top of mind, which pretty much sums up Biden’s priorities.

However, the final comment was possibly the strangest. Here is a clearer audio sample of his response so you can understand all he says.

Joe Biden declared, while presumably imitating a golf swing, “I plan on being a PGA.” What even does he mean exactly?

Spencer Brown of Townhall observed that he appeared to be identifying with a golf league.

Is this the president’s new pronoun?

But the real question here is whether or not Biden even understood what was being asked of him. Recall how the president and Democrats yelled their heads off about the Saudis’ involvement in Jamal Khashoggi’s death and how he claimed to have labeled Mohammed bin Salman a murderer in front of him last year? The Saudis’ possible influence over the PGA no longer bothers him in the slightest? What took place, what altered his opinion?

Add to it John Kirby’s odd answer as the spokesperson for the National Security Council.

Does the Biden administration have any concerns about the PGA/LIV Golf merger working with the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF)? a reporter inquired.

“We’ll let the Saudi government speak to that,”  John Kirby retorted. Does that mean that when the Biden team said they were murderers a year ago, but now they don’t even think it’s worth discussing, and they’ll let the “Saudi government” comment on that, implying that they’ve taken over the world of professional golf?

What does this all suggest? Biden has fully abandoned any beliefs he had for the Democratic base on this issue and is now only concerned with avoiding upsetting the Saudis so they don’t cut off his oil supply.

Although it is absurd and lacks morality, this is where the Biden campaign is at the moment.


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