Biden Issues 4-Word Threat to Supreme Court During SOTU Address

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On Thursday night, President Biden’s State of the Union speech took a dark turn when he seemed to threaten the Supreme Court over its decision in Roe v. Wade.

“And with all due respect, justices, women are not without electoral power. Excuse me, electoral or political power,” Biden said. “You’re about to realize just how much you…,” he continued before the end of his statement was drowned out by cheering Democrats.


A series of significant decisions by the Supreme Court might potentially thwart attempts by the left to prosecute former President Donald Trump. Opening arguments in Trump’s presidential immunity case are scheduled for April by the court, which might put an end to Special Counsel Jack Smith’s January 6 lawsuit.

The justices of the Supreme Court are also scheduled to rule on the legality of charging hundreds of protestors with “obstruction of an official proceeding,” a felony that has been used to put them in jail when they should have been charged with misdemeanors. Half of Smith’s case from January 6 is also based on this arcane legal doctrine.

Before the 2024 election, elected Democrats and left-leaning activists have made it quite evident that they want the former president Trump to be found guilty of a crime.

Throughout the speech on Thursday, which may be President Biden’s last State of the Union address, he repeatedly referred to his political rival as a “threat to democracy.”

“Years ago on January 6, when insurrections stormed this very Capitol and placed a dagger at the throat of American democracy. Many of you were here on that darkest of days. We all saw with our own eyes the insurrections were not patriots, they had come to stop the peaceful transfer of power, to overstep the will of the people,” Biden said, adding that the minor riot posed the greatest “threat to America” since the Civil War.


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