Biden Just Learned His Fate After Recent Action Against Him

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According to a recent CBS News survey, voters’ top concerns continue to be illegal immigration and inflation, which is consistent with months’ worth of polling data.

The purpose of the most recent survey was to assess how the abortion laws that are on the ballot in Arizona and Florida will affect the states’ elections for president, in particular. No, if the most recent results are to be believed, as President Biden trails by five points in Arizona, a state he won in 2020. Former President Trump continues to win by a decisive nine points in Florida.

Despite strong support for abortion rights in both states, worries about immigration and the economy seem to be keeping Trump’s chances unaffected.

52 percent of Arizonans who were registered to vote believed that recent immigration had made life in the state worse. This is a significant rise from July 2020, when only 35% of respondents thought that illegal immigration was having a detrimental effect on the state. The percentage of registered voters who stated immigrants are improving Arizona has decreased from 29% in 2020 to just 13%.

Additionally, the survey revealed that Arizonans’ expectations for the border policies of the two main party candidates are drastically different. Three percent of respondents expect Trump to give priority to immigrants, whereas seventy-two percent think his policies will benefit natives of the United States over illegal aliens.

Regarding President Biden, an astounding 13 percent of Arizona residents who are registered to vote think that if re-elected, the president will put the needs of Americans first.

President Biden seems to be suffering from the problem with a number of important populations, including Hispanics. After garnering the support of the majority of Hispanic voters in 2020, Biden is currently tied with Trump in the race for the presidency in Arizona.

In total, the poll showed that Trump had 52 percent of the vote against Biden’s 47 percent. As of this assessment, Trump is still ahead of his main political opponent in most swing states.


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