Biden Makes Bizarre Claim About Why He Was Arrested

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President Joe Biden, a Democrat, just made up another untrue statement, claiming that he “got arrested” for “standing on a porch with a black family” during the civil rights movement.

During a “surprise” interview on “The Howard Stern Show” on Friday morning, Biden related the bogus tale.

The president unexpectedly appeared on the far-left shock jock’s SiriusXM program.

“I think I should leave now,” Biden joked as Stern obediently salivated like one of Pavlov’s subjects.

“I know everyone’s going to think I’m doing a fake interview with you, but you are really here,” Stern said.

But when Biden deviated from his advisers’ plan, the live interview quickly took bad turn.

The president’s team, unable to control his many missteps and embarrassing moments in public, has resorted to a new tactic: “letting Joe be Joe.”

As the false reports keep coming, Biden seems to be accepting this longer leash from his handlers.

Biden veered from the script to construct a tale on Stern’s show in an attempt to establish himself as a leader in the civil rights struggle.

Biden described an alleged discussion he had with his mother:

“She said ‘Joey, remember’ – true story – ‘remember when they were desegregating… the neighborhood, you know, 70 homes built…and there was a black family moving in and people were down there protesting.

“‘I told you not to go down there and you went down. Remember that?

“‘And you came and got arrested for standing on the porch with a black family and they brought you back, the police?’

“I said, ‘Yeah Mom, I remember that!’”


But that was an entirely made-up story.

It’s plausible that his mother told him that tale out of confusion. But Biden was never taken into custody for simply waiting outside with a black family. Despite repeated assertions to the contrary, Biden has never been arrested for any reason.

Nor is this the first time Biden has related the tale of the black family sitting on the porch.

When Biden repeated the same falsehood in the beginning of 2022, The Washington Post conducted a fact-check.

The outlet came to the conclusion that Biden’s allegation that he was detained on the porch is unfounded.

Despite his repeated attempts to make his way into history books, Biden never took part in the civil rights movement.

He has been refuted numerous times for spreading a variation of this falsehood.

Biden made up the story that he marched and took part in “sit-ins” during the civil rights movement in 1987.

He eventually withdrew from the presidential contest after refuting the allegations.

In the end, Biden acknowledged that he had misled about taking part in a civil rights march.


Biden sparked controversy and worldwide ridicule just last week when he made up a tale about his uncle being consumed by cannibals in Papua New Guinea during World War II.

James Marape, the prime minister of Papua New Guinea, chastised Biden over the remarks.

Marape added that Biden’s defamation of his people as “cannibals” had upset them.

“I’ve met him on four occasions, until today, and on every occasion, he’s always had warm regards for Papua New Guinea,” Marape said in response, seemingly surprised by Biden’s claims.

“Never in those moments (has) he spoken of PNG as cannibals,” he added.


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