Biden Sends Alarming ‘Coded Message’ On LIVE TV

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Whether you like them or not, American presidents have always stood for the power of our country. They serve as the national emblem of American might, enhancing the view of the United States as the most powerful and important country in the world.

But as more and more proof surfaces each day that the American president is not fully in control of his faculties, the 80-year-old who is currently in the White House is altering how the world views him.

On Friday, after Biden concluded a speech on gun control by yelling, “God save the queen, man,” Sky News Australia host James Macpherson jokingly hypothesized that Biden may have been hinting at his dementia.

“Joe Biden concluded a speech on gun control over the weekend by telling his audience, ‘God save the queen, man,’” Macpherson said.

“To which someone should have replied, “She’s been dead almost a year, man.’”

“Why would an American president, speaking in America to an American audience, say, ‘God save the queen?” Macpherson asked. “Has Biden forgotten what country he’s in? Someone needed to tell Biden that Connecticut, where he was speaking, was New England, not England.”

God save the queen is such an odd thing to say, the Sky News host claimed, that Biden “must be sending coded messages,” while others surmised that he could be experiencing dementia.

“I like to think it’s a combination of the two. It’s a coded message telling us that he has dementia,” Macpherson said. “I guess he just plain forgot that he was at the queen’s funeral only a few months ago.”

“And what’s with the ‘man’ at the end of the sentence, like he’s an 11th-grade stoner? I can’t imagine how on-edge his team must be every time he holds a microphone,” he said.

“This isn’t the first time Sleepy Joe has forgotten that a friend is deceased,” Macpherson continued. “Last year, he called on politician Jackie Walorski to identify herself at a conference one month after she died in a car accident.”

“A White House spokesperson said Biden misspoke because Walorski had been ‘top of mind.’ I guess the queen must have been ‘top of mind,’ too,” he said facetiously.

“America used to be exemplary, a model others sought to follow. They’re now a laughingstock. And worse? They did it to themselves, man,” the Sky News host concluded.

Although Macpherson’s monologue is humorous, we are not referring about the hilarious uncle who we see every Thanksgiving but who isn’t “all there.”

Most Americans have realized for some time that the present occupant of the White House is experiencing more than a little cognitive decline due to the word salads, completely strange utterances, inappropriate touching, lack of balance, and increased mental uncertainty.

But it’s not amusing when foreign reporters make remarks about the president of the greatest nation on earth’s dementia.

Foreign media figures other than Macpherson mocked the American president for his most recent absurd remark.

The “God save the queen, man” video was shared on Twitter by Nile Gardiner, a former advisor to the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who added, “Joe Biden fully in charge of his faculties.”

Even though the jokes and derision from our allies are painful enough, we are blind to the harm that our opponents are suffering as a result of this display of frailty and bewilderment.

It is extremely likely that, behind closed doors, nations like China, which have no tolerance for weakness, view Biden’s seeming frailty and confusion as an opportunity to act rather than just to mock.


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