Biden Snaps At Reporter Who Asked Important Question – ‘Shush Up, Okay?’

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Joe Biden is currently making the rounds at the annual G7 conference in Japan, despite the fact that the United States is hurtling of a fiscal cliff fast. The president believed it was vital to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos rather than staying in town to negotiate a solution on the debt ceiling, despite the fact that there has never been a larger waste of time than this conference.

You need to ask yourself if it is truly worth your time and money to attend this worthless exercise only to watch Joe Biden look like he’s lost again in public. Has the G7 produced anything of real significance over the course of the past decade?

According to the footage, none of the other world leaders appear to have any trouble determining how to get out of the picture opportunity. The fact that Vice President Biden is situated in the middle of the group gives him the distinct advantage of being able to simply follow everyone else’s lead. However, he still finds a way to get confused and holds up the line before having to be directed in the right direction.

Biden has a chronic problem with being disoriented in public, particularly when attempting to leave any kind of stage setting. What gives him the impression that the whole procedure is so difficult? What exactly is the problem that he has with it? That is a question to which we are all already aware of the response, even though the mainstream media is unwilling to state it publicly.

Once President Biden realized where he was, he reprimanded an Australian journalist who attempted to ask him about America’s current debt limit crisis and the potential of defaulting on that debt. Biden responded by snapping, “shush up, okay” to the reporter,  then launched into a convoluted rant defending his tactics on America’s debt ceiling.

“I still believe we’ll be able to avoid a default and we’ll get something decent done,” Biden told reporters while sitting down for a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. “This — this goes in stages,” he said of negotiations between House Republicans and the White House, which broke down on Friday without an agreement in place. Democrats have pushed for a clear rise in the debt limit, but Republicans have already passed a measure lifting it and are happy to do so in exchange for spending reductions.

“I’ve been in these negotiations before,” Biden said. “What happens is the first meetings weren’t all that progressive. The second ones were. The third one was. And then, what happens is they — the carriers go back to the principals and say, ‘This is what we’re thinking about.’ And then, people put down new claims.”

Without addressing the verbal gaffes in the aforementioned tape, which are to be expected at this pint, one of Biden’s tells when he’s asked a topic he doesn’t like is to act as if he’s an authority who has “been there and done that.” Although he claims to have done this previously and that conversations always proceed in this manner, is this really the case? Do negotiations always result in one party refusing to compromise while taking off for Japan while the country faces economic collapse? That doesn’t seem like the typical script, in my opinion.

The fact is that Biden and his advisors are aware that he now lacks a valid defense. In order to prevent a default, they had anticipated that Republicans would starve to death and refuse to pass a bill. Everything changed when McCarthy was able to organize his supporters and pass a well-thought-out strategy. The White House’s main talking point, that Republicans are to blame if the country fails since they haven’t proposed a realistic compromise, abruptly fell by the wayside.

However, the top thinkers in the press have convinced us that denigrating a reporter poses a direct danger to democracy and that the basic basis of the nation is being attacked. Unless, of course, the person showing contempt is a Democrat.


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