Biden’s America: Armed Federal Agents Protect ‘Privacy’ of Illegal Aliens From Reporters

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Independent journalists from numerous independent media outlets reported on the managed chaos along the Southern Border Thursday night and early into Friday morning as US Law enforcement is being directed to help illegal invaders be transported to their desired location and settled in comfortably.

Shockingly the men who were invading our nation were mostly in new clothing and without any luggage or provisions, raising the question of who was providing material items to them.

The corporate media wasn’t concerned about those things at all. They were pleased to announce that everything seemed to be orderly.

“Title 42 Expires, Casting Uncertainty Over Border: Live Updates. The Covid-era policy had allowed agents to swiftly remove migrants. As it ended, the Biden administration warned of tough penalties for illegal crossings,” The New York Times reported Friday Morning, adding:

“There was relative calm and a sense of uncertainty along the United States-Mexico border early Friday morning, shortly after the expiration of a federal policy that had limited illegal immigration into the United States for more than three years.

But what is calm to a leftist trying to destroy the United States of America with lawlessness is not comfortable for an American who wants to defend their home, heritage, and family.

At 11:59 AM May 11, the Trump era policy called Title 42 expired and Democrat Joe Biden and his administration allowed that to expire and laid out a plan to help usher in the illegal invasion that has been building for two years.

The end of Title 42 was long and was also an end to the national Covid health emergency.

Title 42, NYT reported, had allowed the United States government to swiftly expel many people who crossed the nearly 2,000-mile border before they could apply for asylum.

That was Trump’s agenda- to protect the United States. Biden’s agenda is different.

Embattled Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was described by NYT as he had “sounded a tough note as the policy expired, saying in a statement that people arriving at the border illegally would be “presumed ineligible for asylum.”

However, the reality of the situation is that it appears that Mayorkas is assisting the illegal invasion of the United States in any way he can.

It is almost laughable that he said:

“Do not believe the lies of smugglers. The border is not open.”

When there is also footage of young, military-aged men receiving their new free phones from the Department of Homeland Security – as well.

Ben Bergquam a correspondent for Real America’s Voice, reported that on the night before the invasion, large and well-funded Non-Government Organizations (NGO) had been assisting the migrants with their travel plans.  And another report showed the invaders getting clear plastic bags from DHS with contained the new cell phones.

Even the NYT had to admit that pressure on the border, with the invasion, is building. “On some days this week, more than 11,000 migrants have crossed the southern border illegally, according to internal agency data obtained by The New York Times. Holding facilities run by the Border Patrol are already over capacity.”

Democrats and pro-illegal immigration advocates claim that the illegal invaders have reported to them “they fear the situation could grow even more chaotic and uncertain”, the Times reported, going on to highlight, “one sign of that uncertainty is a makeshift village that sprang up this week between two border walls separating Tijuana and San Diego.”

The federal government is expecting as many as 13,000 people to cross the border each day, up from about 6,000 on a typical busy day. Hear from some of the people attempting to enter, the NYT reported. 

Late on Thursday night, just as Title 42 expired, a federal judge in Florida directed the U.S. Border Patrol not to release any migrants without issuing them formal notices to appear in immigration court, which most sane people knew would likely be ignored, offering no comfort for frightened Americans.

The NYT called the Attorney General of Florida an “Immigration advocate”.

A restraining order was issued to Biden, according to a press release from Moody’s office:

“Once Title 42 expires, President Joe Biden plans to release the crush of illegal immigrants gathered at the border into the interior of the country. This plan, first uncovered by Attorney General Moody through aggressive litigation efforts, was confirmed this week through an email by an official at the U.S. Department of Justice. The Biden administration’s new policy is in direct conflict with a ruling earlier this year obtained by Attorney General Moody in federal court. In the ruling, United States District Court Judge T. Kent Wetherell held that Biden’s federal immigration policies are illegal and must change. It now appears the only thing the Biden administration is willing to change about the policy is the name—not the unlawful approach that will allow more than 700,000 immigrants to flood the country.

Attorney General Moody is taking legal action to put an end to Biden’s unlawful mass release policy before Title 42 expires. Florida today filed a motion for a temporary restraining order and requested a ruling before midnight tonight. Already, Judge Wetherell is requiring DHS to respond by 5:00 PM EDT to the restraining order motion, as they are likely in violation of the law.”

Kritinn Taylor, an independent journalist, reported on the real situation at the border:

“A federal worker in civilian clothes told the reporters they were protecting the “privacy” of the migrants. The feds moved a Border Patrol truck in front of the reporters to block their view. A protester can be heard denouncing the Biden administration’s policies,” adding:

The Daily Signal’s Mary Margaret Olohan posted a video of the armed confrontation:

A federal worker in civilian clothes told the reporters they were protecting the “privacy” of the migrants. The feds moved a Border Patrol truck in front of the reporters to block their view. A protester can be heard denouncing the Biden administration’s policies.

The Daily Signal’s Mary Margaret Olohan posted a video of the armed confrontation:

TPUSA’s Savanah Hernandez was also there trying to document the migrants being boarded on buses:

The reporters continued to record while the illegal aliens boarded a bus to be taken to their processing center:

Video by the Daily Signal’s Tim Kennedy captured the armed confrontation and the boarding of the buses.

Meanwhile, in Yuma, Arizona, no such restrictions on the press:


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