Biden’s Own DOJ Provides Devastating Update On Biden’s Classified Doc Scandal

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The FBI found additional secret materials at the homes of former Vice President Mike Pence, President Joe Biden, and former President Donald Trump, which the Justice Department then turned over to legislative leaders.

Following months of criticism from both Democrats and Republicans that important information on the seized documents was being withheld, the Biden administration is apparently still working with lawmakers.

“The documents were provided to the Gang of Eight, the top four party leaders, and the chairs and ranking members of the House and Senate intelligence committees, three sources familiar told Axios.” The source added that the congressional members were not aware of the residences from which each document originated.

Trump provided documents to the FBI during a prominent raid in August. Agents soon discovered secret materials at one of Biden’s Delaware homes after finding some at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C., prior to the November 2020 election.

Additionally, records were found at Pence’s Indiana home in January.

Following searches of Biden’s Delaware home and the Penn Biden Center, the DOJ is considering looking in further places for any secret materials that he could be holding.

“Justice Department officials are also considering the possibility of conducting other consensual searches at locations linked to Mr. Biden, said the source familiar with the investigation,” the report said.

According to newly discovered documents, the Chinese government and benefactors connected to Hunter Biden’s business transactions supported a university that was home to a research group at the core of the Joe Biden classified documents dispute.

“New records unearthed by the conservative watchdog Americans for Public Trust and reviewed by the Washington Examiner reveal the identities of many donors to the University of Pennsylvania — home to the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement. Some of the donors found on the list also have ties to Hunter Biden’s past deals and the Chinese government,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“On the heels of learning that the Biden family received millions of dollars from foreign entities, this latest revelation raises further questions about the scope of President Biden’s ties to China,” AFT’s Executive Director Caitlin Sutherland said “We now know that the University of Pennsylvania — home to Joe Biden’s namesake think tank — received a massive increase in contributions from China and Hong Kong as he was ramping up his presidential campaign, and has raked in millions from CCP-tied donors since he took office.”

“The president owes the American people answers about the depth of his financial connections to foreign nationals who are undercutting our nation’s security and prosperity,” he added.

Additionally, the DOJ has been slow to provide Congress with an update.

Moreover, despite the fact that a special counsel is looking into Biden’s predicament alongside Trump, the Republicans who have held control of the House since January are still unable to find out more about his alleged handling of secret documents.

“House Republicans called on the Biden administration to release more information about its handling of documents marked classified found in a private office once used by” Biden, CBS News reported.

“The request from Republican House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer came after the committee interviewed Gary Stern, the top lawyer for the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), in January,” the report continued.

Trump hinted last week that he would soon face an indictment as a result of special counsel Jack Smith’s probe into the handling of classified documents.

“A very interesting situation is taking place,” Trump posted on Truth Social. “While I was in office, Bill Barr, as attorney general, was very slow & unenthusiastic about going after Joe & Hunter Biden regarding their possible criminal activity. Much was being reported in the media. It was hard getting him to move, but I always felt he believed you just don’t go after Presidents, V.P.’s, & presidential candidates very cavalierly. I understood that, & was sort of OK with it. Now Biden thugs want to indict me, for nothing!”


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