Biden’s Own Pants Are His Latest Biggest Challenge

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I never imagined that we’d be in a position where the putative leader of our nation is such a regular source of humiliation for the United States. When our enemies and those who want us to fail learn who is in the White House, it is more than just embarrassing; it is dangerous.

However, Joe Biden has done so many things that have given the impression of weakness and incompetence to the outside world that it is beginning to add up. Because of this, a sizable majority of Americans doubt his mental fitness for the position and a sizable majority think he is too elderly. Additionally, it explains why so many other Democrats are searching for alternative candidates.

The majority of Americans prefer that the Democrats present a different candidate than Joe Biden. A candidate has a serious issue when he keeps stumbling and falling and one has to wonder if he will ever finish a statement. It’s a major issue when he can’t get through a speech to the American people without blatantly lying, as he did during his Oval Office debt agreement talk. But Democrats won’t acknowledge it because doing so would undermine their position of authority.

Biden attended the Marine Barracks Friday Evening Parade in Washington, D.C., and was directed to his location.

He then encountered another humiliating situation. He had to ask a Marine to point him in the direction of his mark when he stood up to partake in the ceremony. He walked up to it with a stride that gave him the appearance of being 100 years old.

Before hitting his target, he was unaware that the right pant leg was riding up and around his knee. He subsequently knelt down to try to fix it but still appeared to be having difficulties. You can see the Marine staring at him; try to guess his thoughts.

Here is the video from the day after he fell at the Air Force Academy when he banged his head. Once more, you can see his right pant leg riding up his leg, but this time, it appears as though there is something under the pants around his knee, it is bunching up at the knee, or it may simply be a lighting illusion because the other leg is not affected.

So, here is a question for the press to ask President Biden. Is it possible that he suffers from the most embarrassing case of static cling ever? Is it possible that he hurt his knee, but they don’t want to inform us about it, or may this has something to do with his neuropathy condition, which they have already declared? If they tell you that he wasn’t wounded when he fell at the Air Force Academy, you shouldn’t necessarily accept what they say because they lie so frequently.

But regardless of what happened, the fact that we have to deal with this individual represents a depressing condition of the state of our nation.


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