Big Brawl Breaks Out LIVE On ‘The Five’ – Quickly Cuts To Commercial

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Co-host Jesse Watters made a notable jab at fellow panelist Jessica Tarlov on Monday’s Fox News broadcast of “The Five” regarding her remarks regarding Donald Trump’s legal troubles.

The conversation shifted from Trump’s legal problems to Tarlov’s statement that “people don’t want to vote for a convicted felon.” In four different jurisdictions, Trump is the subject of criminal indictments; he has entered not guilty pleas to each allegation.

“You don’t know anything about real estate, Jessica, you rent!” Watters shot back in response to Tarlov’s claim regarding her expertise in the field. Pointing to the skyline of Manhattan, he continued,  “Look at that building right there. Trump owns that building…Take a look at the entire Manhattan skyline. Trump owns all of these beautiful properties. He’s built these things.”

Surprised, Tarlov could only ask, “Did you actually just say that to me?”


Tarlov’s claim that Trump consistently eludes justice is met with a tag team smackdown by fellow host Greg Gutfeld who joined in with Jesse Watters’ arguments.

“Listen, I have always said this: Donald Trump gets really lucky,” said the liberal commentator, prompting across-the-board scorn from her peers.

“Oh is that what it is?” Jeanine Pirro shot back.

“What have you built, Jessica?” Gutfeld asked as Watters could be heard adding, “Here we go!”

“I love it when people who have a media footprint pretend to know how things are built,” Gutfeld continued. “I don’t know how things are made.”

“I know when something is doing well that people want to be on it,” she stammered back about Truth Social.

“He’s lucky! It’s lucky!” Gutfeld said, waving his arms in pure mockery.


After that, Watters said, “What has Joe Biden built?” in comparison to Trump’s successes. The former president, he said, “is responsible for thousands of Americans being hired and millions of dollars being made by banks, by investors in this great city,” he said, criticizing Biden for not having the same kind of concrete accomplishments as Trump.

Due to claims that she made disparaging remarks about Tony Bobulinski, a significant player in the ongoing congressional probe into Joe Biden, Tarlov has now found herself in legal hot water. Tarlov misrepresented last Wednesday, saying that Bobulinski’s legal bills were paid for by a Super PAC that supports Trump.

Bobulinski, who testified before Congress, angrily refuted Tarlov’s assertion.

“Tony Bobulinski’s lawyers’ fees have been paid by a Trump super PAC,” Tarlov said at the time. “That’s as recent as January. Do you think that a guy who’s invested in how much better off he wants the United States to be and really getting to the bottom of this would be taking money from the guy who extorted the Ukrainians to get dirt on the Bidens?”

When Bobulinski’s lawyers requested a public retraction and apology from Tarlov, the matter reached a breaking point. They stipulated that the apology had to start at the beginning of “The Five” and that it had to explicitly acknowledge Tarlov’s prior falsehoods.

The progressive Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg, who has raised Trump’s charges despite routinely lowering crimes for other criminals who have been before his office, will oppose the former president in his trial, which is scheduled for April 15.

Judge Merchan issued a new gag order that prohibited Trump from criticizing witnesses, court employees, DA Bragg, or other prosecution members. Together with members of the mainstream media, Trump’s team has resisted other gag orders.

The commencement of Trump’s first criminal trial comes only weeks after his final competitor for the Republican presidential nomination exited the race, paving his road to take incumbent President Joe Biden in November. Other criminal prosecutions, such as two federal trials and one in Georgia, have encountered several procedural setbacks or been diverted by prosecutors’ scandalous actions.


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