Big Brawl Breaks Out On House Floor Between Two Top Congressmen

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Opening the congressional hearing on Wednesday, House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY) described the several dangers that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) poses. Comer expounded on the CCP’s broad influence and infiltration program, which is endangering a number of important U.S. sectors, including federal agencies, the military, technology, banking, agriculture, education, and intellectual property.

Comer says the hearing is the first in a series that will discuss possible tactics federal agencies might use to counter these dangers and reveal the extent of China’s harmful infiltration activities. But after a heated confrontation between Comer and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) that resulted in charges of needing therapy, the hearing descended into chaos.

During the discussion, which was intended to analyze financial records and evaluate possible foreign conflicts of interest, resentment flared and the conversation became personal. The bank accounts and business dealings of two prominent political families—Joe Biden and Donald Trump—formed the basis of the discussion.

With no holding back, Comer shot back, saying, “No, this is a hearing on China and you all have an obsession with Russia and Trump it’s disturbing!” Comer felt that the committee’s focus was misguided. Then Comer said in a humorous way, “Mr. Raskin, you all need therapy.”

“No no, you need therapy,” Raskin said. “You’re the one who’s involved with the deranged politician, not me. I’ve divorced myself from Donald Trump a long time ago.”


There have been difficulties in the House Republicans’ attempts to remove President Joe Biden from office. Despite a promising start, the impeachment movement has not gained enough traction due to divisions within the GOP. It seems less and less likely that the impeachment will go to a vote due to the lack of agreement. The discussion descended into accusations and personal insults in spite of multiple attempts to return it to topical matters.

Experts with in-depth knowledge of the military, national security, and U.S. intelligence were asked to testify on Wednesday regarding the subtleties of CCP political warfare. Comer and other Republicans anticipate that their perspectives will direct the Committee when it comes to suggesting measures for federal agencies to improve homeland security.

Comer made reference to the CCP’s “political warfare” approach at the start of the hearing, which aims to sway American public opinion and government policy in favor of China. He described in detail the ways in which the CCP seeks to establish economic dependency through the use of low-cost imports and technology, as well as by increased meddling in American communities and sectors, such as in the fields of agriculture, education, and technology.

The hearing also clarified the CCP’s “united front” strategy, which Comer called a “magic weapon” that was employed to further Chinese objectives via proxies abroad. These proxies, which are present even in prominent American circles, aid the CCP in extending its influence outside of the Chinese mainland.

Comer continued his criticism of the federal agencies’ inadequate response and the seeming lack of interest from certain political quarters in taking a holistic approach to tackling these risks. “The CCP poses a serious threat,” he said. “You have to take charge and acknowledge the damage the CCP is trying to do to our nation.”



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