BREAKING COVERUP: Palestine Disaster Coverup Exposed

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Two weeks after a massive toxic explosion of chemicals was purposefully set off as the result of a derailed train that crashed in a small rural town of East Palestine, Ohio, residents fear for their safety and health as they report to the media that no one from the government has told them what the specific chemicals are that were set ablaze into their air and water supply.

One local woman told an Independent media source on Wednesday that she could not accurately be tested for reactions to the chemical air that she and her doctor suspected were causing her headaches and skin abrasions because they did not know what the chemical was that she might have been exposed to.

She is not alone; according to one exposure expert who is experienced with hazardous waste,  he doesn’t know what the government set on fire into the air either- but he intends to use his expertise to find out what the chemicals are by doing an expert, independent investigation.

The government is telling people that they are studying the levels of CO2 in the air, but the expert says that doesn’t tell him anything to help protect people’s health.

Biden and his administration are talking about VOCs; according to Minn state health guide, “Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a large group of chemicals that are found in many products we use to build and maintain our homes. Once these chemicals are in our homes, they are released or “off-gas” into the indoor air we breathe.”

The investigator wanted the name of the burned chemical and said that the government had ‘lied.’

The lack of technical information to the people is causing an escalation in fear in the area, as numerous videos are surfacing on social media with residents saying they are scared, frustrated,d and not feeling well- and that they blame it on the government covering up the information they most need to protect themselves.

A member of Populist Press media was on the screen in East Palestine this week and had the opportunity to speak with the man investigating what the government calls a “controlled burn.” The investigator is heard in the video saying that,t in his expert opinion, what happened in Ohio was not controlled at all and was quite alarming to him.

Here is a partial transcript of what the independent investigator told the Populist Press reporter about what he was looking for and why he felt an urgency to start looking now instead of waiting until the evidence of what happened disappeared:

“We are looking for a lot of chemicals including dioxin; we’re doing a lot of soil sampling and water sampling. My view is that it was a bad decision to release it [the chemicals] and burn it,” the man said, explaining his credentials:

“I have undergraduate graduate degrees in chemical engineering,” later adding: It wasn’t a controlled burn; it was uncontrolled. So see, I’m a chemical engineer and a top health and safety guy; I’ve got undergraduate graduate degrees in chemical engineering.”

He also doesn’t know what to protect himself from, saying:

“I’ve brought respirators but – the problem is to wear a respirator, you need to know what to protect yourself from the right item. Hydrocarbons, acid gases.. we’re here as the first group independently trying to figure out what was really here because what they were measuring, most of the time is what they call VOCs. It’s just some generic; it’s not a specific chemical,” he told the reporter.

“I couldn’t in good conscience, until we get some sampling data, know what to protect against. I’ve been involved in these before. They know that things are going to dissipate with time. So they measure things that don’t really matter,” he said about why he is starting his independent investigation now.

“There’s evidence that when you burn Vinyl Chloride poorly, and that was definitely burnt poorly because you saw such a black plume, he went on to explain his reasoning for why he thinks the burn was done “poorly” and the reason why that is dangerous, adding, “You think of in the old days with a carburetor, if you had the air-fuel ratio, wrong you had black smoke, then they had too much fuel on that.”

“So it doesn’t combust all the way to CO2. When there’s incomplete combustion, there’s evidence that part of the line of chloride goes to dioxin. A box is one of the most deadly compounds known.”

The investigator went on, and said:

If you measured air, it has a lot of components like oxygen and nitrogen but carbon monoxide, right? So if you measure VOCs, volatile, organic carbons, that doesn’t tell me anything other than you are measuring carbon.

But I want to know, is it vinyl chloride? What is the individual component? So they purposely measure for the cheaper instrument total hydrocarbons, but I want to know what the components are.”

Off-screen is the Populist Press reporter who said: You’re the first actual expert that we’ve gotten to speak to in your opinion. Why do you believe that? He tells the reporter that it was a lie to call what happened a “controlled burn,” adding details to make his case:

“It was an uncontrolled burn. You could go to a place called West Liverpool Downriver, where they burn Hazardous waste. In hazardous waste situations, they are very careful to control the temperature and the amount of oxygen so that they could complete combustion, right? It’s time temperature and mountable air-fuel ratio. There’s no control of the amount of air that gets in it. That’s why you saw that soot,” he explains to the reporter, continuing:

“So it’s not a controlled burn because in a controlled burn,n it would have to be like in a furnace, in your car, or some system where you contain the fuel and oxygen, so they didn’t do that. So it’s an uncontrolled burn.

One of the worst ways to determine exposure in general, is to smell it because if you smell the odor, guess what? You’re already exposed, right?

I have been doing this for 30 years; I’m in most of the big named lawsuits as an exposure expert. So, it’s a pro if I get called in to try to figure out some of this stuff. So, that’s my job, always is what happened, you know?”


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