BREAKING: Garland Launches New Round Of Subpoenas For Trump Associates

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In the ongoing case looking into President Donald Trump’s alleged misuse of sensitive documents, special prosecutor Jack Smith, an appointee of U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, has issued a flurry of new grand jury subpoenas requesting video evidence from Mar-a-Lago.

According to sources who spoke to CNN, Smith is specifically questioning Trump Organization employees about how they handled surveillance footage that allegedly shows the former president’s staff members transferring boxes with an unknown contents to and from rooms within the Florida estate. Walt Nauta, an employee, was caught on camera removing documents from a storage cupboard in earlier footage.

CNN analysts explained why prosecutors think the way the video was handled may indicate whether there was any kind of obstruction of justice. The most recent subpoenas, which follow a wave from March, suggest prosecutors still think more evidence may be gathered.

President Joe Biden declined to comment on whether or not documents were handled improperly when it was initially revealed that possibly sensitive documents were inside President Trump’s Florida home last year.

“It depends on the circumstance – for example, I have in my home a cabined-off space that is completely secure,” Biden said back in August. “It depends on the documents and it depends on how secure everything is.”

Soon later, the White House acknowledged that Vice President Biden had kept up to 10 sensitive documents at his residence in Delaware that were supposed to be kept by federal record keepers. The White House said that President Trump took action to turn over the materials, in contrast to his predecessor who received several requests from the National Archives agency that went unanswered.

In order to disassociate himself from appearing to conduct a criminal investigation on the front-runner of the Republican Party for president, Attorney General Garland appointed Smith to undertake a separate inquiry into the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021.


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