BREAKING: White House Under Siege – Secret Service Forced To Retract

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On Saturday afternoon, a sizable contingent of pro-Palestine demonstrators surrounded the White House and proceeded to detonate smoke bombs and flares within the building.

Chanting “ceasefire now,” as has become customary since the October 7 bombings, protestors charged the Biden Administration with complicity in genocide. Since the attacks, protestors have broken through the outer gates of the White House compound a few times and clashed with law enforcement.

A sizable contingent of protestors dressed in Palestinian flags are gathered outside the main White House entrance in footage from Saturday’s demonstrations that was taken by on-the-ground reporter Oliya Scootercaster. Flares and smoke bombs were being set off by protesters, which prompted D.C. Park Police and Secret Service agents to respond immediately.

The White House is currently “completely surrounded” by demonstrators brandishing a large red banner, which is supposed to represent their “red line,” according to a follow-up post by Scootercaster. When both sides of the line connected at the southwest corner of the White House compound, protesters let out loud applause.

The majority of protesters were chanting “hold the red line” and “free, free Palestine” while donning red shirts.

“You better run, we got the guillotine,” one protestor carried a banner.


Video taken by reporter Ford Fischer on the scene shows D.C. Metro Police stifling the demonstrations at Penn Avenue, just in front of Freedom Plaza, the destination of the annual D.C. Pride March that is scheduled to conclude in a few hours.

Another video that reporter Julio Rosas of Blaze Media posted showed the moment that a crowd of demonstrators drove Park Police and Secret Service agents from Lafayette Square after they allegedly attempted to make an arrest.

When police officers were leaving, the mob could be heard yelling, “f**k the police.” When police tried to stop graffiti on sculptures, several protestors threw rocks and other objects at them.

Rosas stated that neither the park nor the protest’s perimeter are now occupied by police.

Because to the Democratic Party’s backing of Israel and its military actions in the Gaza Strip, President Biden and his Democratic allies have encountered strong opposition from demonstrators who are pro-Palestine.

Numerous protest ballots have been cast in several primary states, including Minnesota, New Jersey, Michigan, and others, in response to Biden’s support for Israel.

Many progressive voters have sworn to abstain from supporting Biden in November, while others have thrown their support behind “uncommitted” campaigns or write-in candidates.

This story is still evolving.


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