Bud Light Makes Desperate Move to Save 4th of July Sales – But There’s a Huge Problem

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Bud Light’s situation appears to have become so bad that, in advance of the Fourth of July holiday, it is allegedly distributing free beer through a $15 refund deal.

A variety of factors, such as the location in which the beer is sold, customers who buy a 15-pack of Budweiser, Budweiser Select 55, or Bud Light can receive a $15 rebate, making the beverage either less pricey or entirely free in some situations.

Although Bud Light has utilized refunds in the past to increase sales, the fact that this campaign coincides with a significant holiday like the Fourth of July which Americans buy lots of beer for anyway shows just how dire things are.

Since its controversial collaboration with transgender activist and TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, which resulted in the boycott and ultimate demise of what was once the country’s best-selling beer, Bud Light has been working to improve its reputation.

A new commercial with the phrase “Crack a cold one: we’ve got an epic summer ahead. Sock tans included.” was part of the drive to alter the public’s opinion. It evoked memories of lazy American summers.

However, the advertisement didn’t have the expected result.

Bud Light’s attempts to go woke particularly destroyed the brand and its sales, and Twitter users were swift to lambaste the brand for attempting to market to the demographic their former marketing VP described as “fratty” and “out of touch” as it turns out that American beer drinkers have longer memories than the company had hoped. All the while supporting a “pride” event in Toronto that featured nudity.

The sales of Bud Light have significantly decreased, with a startling 28.5 percent dip reported in mid-May, according to data. According to a story written by contributor Andrew Powell for the Daily Caller on Tuesday, competitors like Yuengling Lager, Coors Lite, and Miller Lite are growing while Anheuser-Busch brands like Budweiser, Busch Light, and Michelob Ultra are all seeing reductions.

That encouraged the business to launch a comparable marketing campaign over the Memorial Day weekend. Not so good, actually.

According to Newsweek, the pattern is continuing based on the data from mid-June.

“Earlier this month, Newsweek obtained Nielsen IQ Bud Light sales data from Bump Williams Consulting, which showed a decline of 30.2 percent in the beer’s sales for the week ending on June 10, when compared to the same week a year earlier,” the publication said.

Given that some Americans could find it difficult to refuse free beer on a holiday weekend, it is safe to anticipate that the out-of-favor beer brand’s sales will increase at least slightly.

However, since the beer is essentially being given away, even if Bud Light’s sales increase as a result of the promotion, it won’t have an impact on the brand’s financial results. In a capitalist society, that is obviously a significant challenge for any corporation.

It appears that Bud Light still doesn’t understand that Americans desire a change in the brand’s beliefs rather than just its “perception” changing.

According to a Monday report from Fox News, the most notorious firm in America sponsored an offensive Pride Parade that was attended by young children over the weekend in Toronto. Additionally, they received additional dire sales-related news.

In the video, scores of festival goers dressed as Bud Light riders pass an animated crowd while waving to them.


The next video depicts hat-wearing nudists marching in the parade. According to Fox News, a number of kids strolled past the men with their families.

Another NSFW incident from the parade was captured on tape, in which drag dancers performed in front of the crowd while baring their breasts.

Fox News also exposed further alarming behaviors that occurred at the occasion in plain view of the kids.

Another clip shows a person wearing a giant p**is costume that covers his entire head. The camera captures a young girl sitting in a stroller and staring toward the phallic-costumed individual.

Other videos show a group of naked men playing and rinsing themselves off alongside a fountain surrounded by kids. Meanwhile, a stage, clearly adorned with Bud Light branding, featured scantily clad dancers wearing fishnets, nipple stickers, and strange sock-like masks.

The fact that Bud Light felt comfortable sponsoring this event would lead one to believe that the sales decline must have slowed down to some degree. After all, they are investing millions of dollars in advertisements, so one would expect that the campaign has had at least some degree of success.

It did, but not in the way that they had anticipated it would. According to the most recent information, the number of cases sold of Bud Light hit an all-time weekly low, as reported by the New York Post:

Sales of Bud Light suffered their steepest weekly drop yet since the beer brand launched its disastrous tie-up with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney, according to the latest data.


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