Bud Light Puts Out New Absurd Commercial In Last-Ditch Effort To Save Brand

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Following Bud Light’s unfortunate choice to pair up with transgender social media star Dylan Mulvaney, Budweiser has teamed up with Harley-Davidson for a new campaign. The move comes in the midst of a two-month boycott of products manufactured by AB InBev.

The pandering advertisement is so absurdly out of touch that it is more likely to make reasonable people want to steer clear of Harleys than it is to encourage them to buy anything from the company.

“The greatest legacies are built with grit and resilience — one detail at a time,” the ultra-masculine voiceover artist in the advertisement said.

The voiceover artist for the advertisement concluded, “For those who give everything to their craft, this Bud’s for you.” This statement was made when a limited edition Harley logo was introduced on a can of Budweiser.

On Twitter, the advertisement received an onslaught of negative feedback after many recognized it for what it really is: a condescending demonstration of desperate corporate arrogance.

AB InBev, the parent firm of Budweiser, is becoming increasingly desperate as a result of a diminishing market cap and falling sales.

The corporation has tried to gain favor with conservatives with recent advertisements, but they refuse to acknowledge the scandal surrounding Mulvaney. This “Chicken Fried” commercial was not successful in convincing conservatives who had previously supported the brand to return to supporting the once-popular product:

Consumers of traditional beers who have had it up to here with the Belgian brewer are more astute than the firm gives them credit for being.

Everyone who has left has the same understanding, which is that this is the new face of the once-great and once-American brewer.

AB InBev is free to release as many advertisements designed to earn favor with consumers while ignoring the obvious issue at hand. Apologizing to the customers who were upset by the company’s gender advocacy is unquestionably the only chance the business has of winning them back.

It’s possible that won’t even be enough.

When there are so many other options available on the market for beer, it’s just too entertaining to make fun of brands like Bud, Bud Light and the other AB InBev products when there are so many other ale alternatives on the market to replace it with.


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