Burger King Busted After It’s Revealed What’s In Their New Meatless Burger

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The self-proclaimed “Real Cheeseburger” made only a three-day appearance in Thailand’s Burger King restaurant, making a short debut in the fast food universe before vanishing again like it never happened.

This delicacy was only available from Tuesday the 11th through Thursday the 13th in Thailand alone and was made of a good twenty slices of American cheese stacked between a bun. The meat part would just be extra baggage.

Burger King said “Not for fun, this is for real,” on Sunday in a Facebook post upon the announcement of the creation.

Pop Base wrote on Twitter, “Burger King Thailand introduced a burger with 20 slices of American cheese and no meat, called ‘The Real Cheeseburger.”

The price was a deal, too (assuming people would buy it). The “Real Cheeseburger” sold for only 109 Thai baht, which would translate to about $3.10. Typically, burgers sell for 380 baht, about $10.90, according to CNN.

Though, the price and hype worked in Thailand. They do say weird things attract the eye. CNN reported that a Bangkok Burger King manager was concerned about the amount of cheeseburgers being delivered to the restaurant, unsure if they would suffice to meet the in-store demand.

CBA wrote on Twitter, “CBA won’t be outdone. Hours after Burger King Thailand releases “Real Cheeseburger”, CBA announces Real Cheeseburger Bagel™️ with 21 slices of American cheese! 1 more than BK. Wow!”

One customer claimed that she was inclined to try the cheese-bread combo after seeing the rage about it on social media. However, after giving it a try, Im Jeepetch claimed that “this was a bit too much.” Can’t say I blame her.

Another customer, Thanaporn Catcharaporn, reportedly gave up on trying to consume the rest of her sandwich, according to Fox Business.

“It’s very salty. Almost too salty to eat,” she said. “The smell is also very strong. At the first bite, it gave me goosebumps, but I couldn’t finish the whole thing. I wanted to try it just to see what it was like.”

Fox Business added that it was hard to blame Eric Surbano, a journalist, for being over-kind when accusing Burger King for committing a “crime” in their creation of the “Real Cheeseburger”.

“There’s no sauce, though Burger King graciously threw in some ketchup packets, perhaps suggesting that ketchup might help,” Surbano wrote.

“But the team and I took a bite of this thing without any condiments, and it was as revolting as you thought it would be: dry, a shock to the digestive system, and literally a thousand calories worth of unnecessary processed cheese,” he wrote.

Good thing, though, because a representative at Burger King said that Americans won’t be able to try the cheeseburger themselves. The limited-time stack of cheese was for Thailand’s customers only.

“This is a limited-time offer by Burger King Thailand and is available only in that market,” the representative said, adding that it “will not be featured in the United States nor elsewhere.”


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