Candace Owens’ Life Takes Shocking Turn

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Candace Owens has severed her long-standing relationship with The Daily Wire, which she blames on the conservative publication’s inability to consistently and forcefully defend Israel’s battle against Hamas.

Co-founder of Daily Wire Jeremy Boreing revealed the information on Thursday morning when he said that both parties had “ended their relationship.”

Owens’ three-year contract was about to expire, thus there was conjecture that the timing was appropriate for the conservative presenter to take a different turn. This led to the breakup. Owens has often clashed with pro-Israel co-founder Ben Shapiro, denouncing Israel for its invasions into Gaza in the wake of Hamas’ October 7, 2023 offensive, which claimed 1,400 Israeli lives and left many more captive.

Owens hinted on Thursday that she would be speaking out soon regarding threats she said were a frequent source of harassment in a cryptic post.

Owens posted on X, “A lot of people asking why I am speaking out so much as of late.” Sincerely, since I’m done. For years, I’ve been subjected to constant threats, defamation, and libels, and what you witnessed yesterday is not unusual; those who engage in this behavior want you to offer an apology. It makes no sense at all.

“It’s time to say the quiet part out loud.”

Later that day, the Christian talk show host Owens discussed her recent conversation with Rabbi Barclay, a staunch supporter of Israel’s right to self-defense. Characterizing the Jewish leader as a racial supremacist, she sent him backhanded compliments.

“I think he views himself as better… or at least his race as more important, more significant, the history of his race as more significant… If you are honestly a supremacist, at least I can appreciate that,” she said, kicking off her show by asking rhetorically why her followers are warning her that she’ll be killed for questioning Israel at a time of heightened awareness about Jewish nationalism.

Jewish author Shapiro has visited and publicly discussed acts of terrorism against Israel. He has made a point of differentiating between terrorists from Hamas and the greater Palestinian population that has been harmed by the conflict. Should he choose to openly criticize Owens, Shapiro would join the ranks of the Anti-Defamation League, an organization that is generally progressive and has labeled Owens as antisemitic due to her recent remarks.

“I am grateful they have turned their smear merchant guns on me,” Owens retaliated in a post of her own. My heart is already known to the world. Their attacks will accomplish the reverse of what is intended. Wake up, world. I’m grateful, @adl.


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