Chat Records Reveal Epic Meltdown In Federal Agency After Trump Win

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‘Trump Derangement Syndrome,’ a mental illness that causes able-bodied adults to freak out over the idea of not being pampered,  began long before Donald J. Trump announced he was going to run for the nation’s top office, after years of federal agencies under Marxist Barack Obama were filled up with diversity hires who spent their time on the taxpayer’s dime being focused on promoting ‘Equity’ and social justice.

It seems like there is an epidemic of these fragile and anti-American social just activists in the IT departments, deep in the enclaves of the Federal Government.

When the “Golden Don” indicated that he would not be ruling as a sycophant, the fragile social justice warriors were unprepared for the feeling of unharnessed freedom and liberty. They freaked out over the sense of loss of their Daddy Government.

For five solid years, the left kicked and raged at the idea of Trump restoring the government authority to the people. Recent media reports show that leftists employed by the Federal government were especially fearful of the changes Trump was trying to make.

Luke Rosiac reported for the Daily Wire, just recently, about a total ‘government worker’ meltdown over Trump’s massive success with the American people:

” Top IT official at a scandal-plagued federal agency led what one participant called “the most partisan meeting I have ever attended” as despondent bureaucrats had a collective meltdown the day after Donald Trump was elected president 2016, internal messages obtained by The Daily Wire reveal”.

Rosiac went on in detail:

David Shive, chief information officer for the General Services Administration (GSA), addressed a critical technology department during a “town hall” On Nov. 9 when he made the shocking comments. The department he spoke to, the Technology Transformation Service (TTS), has since been cited for “gross misconduct” and security violations.

“That was the most partisan meeting I have ever attended in government. David Shive joking that he dressed like a Republican (because he wore a suit and tie?) and concern about the ‘white men’ and what steps needed to be taken to protect us from the new President-elect (‘having allies’),” one attendee wrote on Slack later. “I’m not even a Republican and I’m offended! The point of the meeting was to reassure the staff that everything will be all right and that certainly could have been done without the copious partisan overtones.”

Internal chat records obtained by The Daily Wire through the Freedom of Information Act show the government’s central tech agency having a top-to-bottom psychological meltdown when Trump won the presidency, with the group seemingly believing that their work as government bureaucrats was to advance a Democratic agenda, not provide services at the direction of the government, DW reported on the content of the chats, including:

“It’s not easy. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Pet all the pets. Squeeze all the fam and friends.”

Messages obtained by The Daily Wire included quotes from and reactions to the Zoom meeting and questions submitted to the speakers.

According to the report, though they worked comfortable IT jobs and many worked remotely, they said they feared for their “safety.”

“I want to know what we can do to ensure that this remains a safe working environment for everyone,” said a participant named Shawn Allen.

The Slack screen name for Allen, like several others who expressed fear for their well-being with Trump as the president-elect, listed pronouns.

“It falls to all of us in the organisation, but most of all to those of us who feel safer than others, to uphold our diversity practices, continually improve them, and spread them throughout government,” Yoz Grahame (“SFO, he/him”) wrote.

“Thank you all for making me feel safe :heart:,” Rebecca Refoy-Sidibe wrote.

Jez Humble (“SF, he”) plotted to try to get GSA, which also manages federal real estate, to block the Trump Organization from acquiring a hotel.

“Quite simply, I believe the GSA should end the contract. They should simply terminate it,” he wrote.

Noah Kunin, the infrastructure director for 18F, a major component of TTS, told them that Dennis McDonough, Barack Obama’s chief of staff, had told them not to work, apparently referring to over a three-day weekend. “Straight from Dennis: *do not work*. Engage in self care,” Kunin wrote.

Kara DeFrias added: “The emotional labor will be high all around for awhile, but especially today and this week. Take the time you need. It’s not easy. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Pet all the pets. Squeeze all the fam and friends. Listen more than you speak. Embody empathy. Breathe.”

Eric Schles (“he or him”) wrote: “Question: what is your advice for speaking truth to power? How could / should we engage when we are asked to do things we don’t necessarily agree with?”

“We should have space for realignment there that doesn’t mean leaving government,” Kaitlin Devine wrote.

“With due respect, we have not always been the beacon of rights. I don’t want to distract from the larger point, but this nation was built by enslaved people,” Annalee Flower Horne (“She/They”) wrote.

Gail Swanson chimed in: “I think it’s worth noting that some folks may not be in a place to hear optimism quite yet.”

“On one hand, lots of talk of the non-partisan aspects (real or imagined) and popularity of what we do; on the other hand hearing a lot of ‘we have allies’ on the hill, in GSA etc… can’t square that,” he wrote.

“I want to work for a government that respects us and democracy,” Jesse Taggert wrote.

“How do we comport the difference between what a president thinks and believes and our own needs (not just values but safety and care)?” Jessie Posilkin asked.

Zvenyach wrote, “I kinda want to tell folks: look, if you feel like you want to leave on political grounds, GREAT! that’s a totally acceptable reason. But don’t try and make this a moral conundrum to justify your otherwise political decision… I’m not so fine with a policy that says people can choose not to do work because they don’t like the politics.”

“There are hard questions that many people of color, will have to wrestle with moving forward. It has nothing to do with the oath we swore or our obligation to American citizens,” Erren Lester wrote.

Zvenyachcontinued: “My comments on the oath of office are based on personal experiences that — based on what i’m hearing from others — must have sounded totally ridiculous.”

“I’m wiped out thinking about the morality of the open data APIs we’ll be asked to build in the next administration [sic],” Zvenyach wrote.

Billy Griffin wrote: “Sincere thanks to everyone for speaking your minds, and to <@U03V848BQ> for being vulnerable and recognizing your blind spots and being thoughtful about addressing real concerns people have.”

The GSA ignored a request for comment and for video of the meeting from The Daily Wire.

Rosiak went on:

“Messages showed that one experienced civil servant tried to tell her colleagues that they were being hysterical.

“I have 16 years in public service, and I have served under 2 Republican Presidents (soon to be 3), and 2 Democrats…and honestly…neither party has ever had a HUGE effect on my public service. I do not see this one being any different,” the employee wrote.

History would prove her to be correct: The TTS team continued to carry on as normal and implemented a far-left agenda under the Trump administration, one that would result in the “equity”-inspired cybersecurity vulnerability and false statements identified by the Inspector General this month.”


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