CNN Host Chris Wallace Gets Put In his Place With Epic Takedown

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Independent journalist Megyn Kelly is not holding back on issues regarding the choices and behaviors of her colleagues. Kelly has recently been brutal when calling out colleagues in support of other colleagues and noting that numbers don’t lie in regard to cable news ratings.

A discussion on air about the cable news ratings and the fact that FOX continually holds its place far above CNN consistently ignited Kelly with another commentator on the subject.

“Who is the moron at CNN who actually thought, ‘you know what we need with our ratings in the toilet?’ More of us. We need more CNN. I do love all of the jokes about how while Elon [Musk] is offering to buy Twitter for tens of billions, there are lots of people out there right now who are willing to buy CNN+ for tens of dollars,” Buck Sexton, who used to be a CNN contributor, said of the streaming service.

Then the topic of CNN+ hiring Wallace away from FOX was mentioned and Kelly tore into him.

“He was in last place every week, every year, every month. He was always in last, and they still paid him,” she said.

Then she said when she was at Fox News she received an offer from Zucker and CNN. “I considered going to CNN. CNN made me a huge offer. Huge. I said no, Buck, because I knew: who is my fanbase going to be over there? I knew who my fans were and I knew that my Fox viewers were not going to follow me to CNN and that the CNN viewers were going to hate my guts,” Kelly said, and she said she believes that Wallace is “suffering from that very problem right now.”

Earlier this month, Kelly slammed CNN’s Don Lemon following his meltdown on set and yelling at co-host Kaitlin Collins, allegedly for “interrupting” him during the program, Conservative Brief reports.

During her popular SiriusXM podcast, Kelly said that she was never treated that way at Fox, and if they did, she would “make sure that person was fired.” She went on to play some clips of Collins interrupting Lemon during a recent program that allegedly led to Lemon’s post-show outburst, saying, “Oh, okay. So there was some interrupting. It happens when you co-host a show, it happens.”

Bringing the issue into perspective and reflecting on the back-and-forth nature of co-hosting, Kelly expounded in detail.

“I co-hosted a show with Bill Hemmer for three years. I was on the air with Bret Baier more times than I can count. And sometimes somebody gets on your nerves,” she said. “What you don’t do is scream at them after the fact. Later you say, oh, we stepped on each other. It’s all about servicing the audience if you’re a professional.”

“If you’re a douchebag, you scream at the woman next to you and blame it on her,” Kelly continued, a reference to Lemon.

“Again, I’ve co-hosted more hours than I can count with a lot of guys with big egos, appropriately big egos. And never, never has, have I screamed at a colleague after like a co-host or had him scream at me? We’ve had charged disagreements. Had a charged disagreement with Chris Wallace one time. We’re never screaming at each other, and you pick it up right after. If somebody ever screamed at me to the point where I was visibly upset and ran out of the studio, I would have that person fired,” she continued. “I would make sure that person was fired.

“If that is true, The New York Post‘s report, Jesse, then I will say that’s not the first time he’s done it. I will go out on a limb right now and tell you: that’s not the first time,” Kelly said to her guest, Jesse Kelly of The First streaming network. “There will be another woman, if The New York Post digs, who he’s co-anchored with, I guarantee you, who’s going to come out and say Me Too.”


According to the New York Post last week, several sources described the incident and the aftermath on the set of “CNN This Morning,” as tensions continue rising while the show tanks and as Lemon, apparently, is unhappy sharing on-air duties with co-hosts Poppy Harlow and Kaitlin Collins, Conservative Brief noted.

The Post added:

According to two sources with knowledge of the situation, the 56-year-old Lemon approached 30-year-old Collins following the show’s Thursday, Dec. 8 broadcast — and unloaded on her in front of staffers as he accused her of “interrupting” him on air.

News of the explosive incident made its way up to CNN CEO Chris Licht, who is said to have been appalled by Lemon’s behavior, according to a source. A second source said a producer talked to Lemon at the behest of Licht and told the anchor to take the next day off to “cool off.”


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