CNN’s Anderson Cooper Just Got Horrific News

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Many longtime CNN staff members and hosts may soon lose their jobs as the network prepares for yet another significant restructuring due to the declining viewership.

In an attempt to control CNN’s spending and increase viewership, the network’s new CEO, Mark Thompson, is allegedly planning on making significant cuts, according to an In Touch article. According to In Touch, several of the network’s highly paid on-air talent may soon lose their jobs as a result of the budget cuts.

“Anderson, who earns an astounding $20 million annually, is aware that he is in danger of losing his job. He has already begun hunting for a new job! One source informed the magazine, “Chris Wallace takes $8 million and figures he’s a likely target, too.”

Other possibilities that came up were Jake Tapper, who makes $8 million a year, and Wolf Blitzer, who makes $15 million annually. Although there is room for change after the 2024 election, both individuals are bound by an agreement.

“Everybody knows the focus is on cutting costs,” In Touch reported through their source.

By the end of 2023, CNN’s ratings had fallen to their lowest level since 2014. The network is particularly having trouble reaching the important 25–54 age group, which is increasingly turning to other sources for news. Another insider told In Touch that CNN is attempting to stay up to date with the news landscape and transition to being a digital-first service.

Through his spokeswoman, Tapper has refuted the reports; nonetheless, since network president Jeff Zucker announced his resignation in 2022, CNN has seen a number of significant changes. After Zucker’s far-left tenure, the network saw several changes as well, most notably during the brief administration of former president Chris Licht, who tried to steer CNN toward greater centratism.

In August 2022, the network said goodbye to anchor Brian Stelter and canceled Reliable Sources, which had been airing for the longest time. In September of that year, White House correspondent John Harwood abruptly left the network as Licht attempted to implement changes.

Possibly the most significant exit, Don Lemon’s firing occurred in April of this year following a difficult few months during which he was demoted from his primetime hosting position. The end came when Lemon claimed that Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was no longer “in her prime” after being moved to the network’s morning show.


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