CNN’s New Leaders Announced – One Is Married to a Current Biden Appointee with Deep Clinton Ties

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To put it mildly, CNN is in disarray following CEO Chris Licht’s unexpected departure on Wednesday.

Since Donald Trump’s four years in office, the whole network has been in various degrees of upheaval as it has fought to define itself as anything other than “anti-Trump.”

When Licht became CNN’s president in April 2022, he made an effort to shift the struggling news organization away from the extreme left and into something slightly more left-leaning as part of their problems.

Many believed that when Licht left, the pendulum would quickly swing back the other way, and early signs suggest that this will indeed be the case.

The New York Times has provided some information about the new temporary management team that will run the troubled news network until a permanent successor to Licht can be identified.

The majority of the operations will be managed by three editorial executives, who will be supported by a recently hired chief operational officer, according to the report published on Thursday.

Virginia Moseley, the network’s executive vice president of editorial, may be the most concerning member of this interim administration for anyone who loved CNN’s brief and minor move to a center-leaning-left.

The 62-year-old Thomas Nides, President Joe Biden’s ambassador to Israel, and a man with close ties to the Clinton political dynasty, are married to 61-year-old Moseley.

It wouldn’t be entirely absurd to hypothesize that she might not be particularly responsive to pro-Republican news.

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Nides served as the deputy secretary of state for management and resources in the Obama administration from 2011 to 2013, working under Hillary Clinton, who was the secretary of state at the time. In addition to serving in the Biden administration.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Clinton presented him with the Secretary of State’s Distinguished Service Award in 2013.

It’s difficult to see him or his wife praising the very politicians who have showered them with such honors.

At the time, there was a great deal of worry regarding the impartiality of Nides and Moseley.

Moseley, who was inappropriate, stayed at CNN. When Biden announced Nides’ nomination in 2021, an unknown veteran of the media industry told Fox News that Nides was a member of his inner circle.

Despite the fact that they may not have as obvious and direct connections to the politicians the network should be covering, the other members of the interim leadership team each raise questions in their own right.

The 72-year-old senior vice president for talent and content development, Amy Entelis, joined CNN in 2012 after spending the previous 30 years at ABC.

She has thus spent more than half of her life working for media organizations that lean left.

The 48-year-old executive vice president for U.S. programming, Eric Sherling, “has spent most of his career at CNN,” the Times reports.

So here is another someone who has a strong commitment to the ideologies that have contributed to CNN’s present ratings problems (at least without Trump).

The chief operational officer, who was newly hired last week, is David Leavy. The 53-year-old also has some close ties to the Clinton campaign and shares the problem of spending much of his time in environments that may not help CNN right the ship. He spent decades at Discovery, which has merged into Warner Bros Discovery.

Leavy served as Bill Clinton’s deputy press secretary for international affairs, according to the Times.

CNN did not provide a timeline for locating Licht’s long-term replacement.


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