CODE RED At The White House – Biden In Crisis

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Not only are key demographic groups angry with Joe Biden, but they are also rapidly deserting him. Given his extremely low poll ratings, this is not a typical “presidential slump” that can be easily dismissed and resolved through campaigning and socializing. The current situation we are observing, which the media is not reporting, might be described as a “CODE RED” in the realm of politics. We are witnessing the utter disintegration of a prominent political person, while the media is fervently attempting to conceal it.

Richard Baris, a pollster, provided his perspective on the collapse of Joe Biden’s entire political career and the Democratic Party:

The Suffolk/USAToday Poll is showing what we’re all seeing, which is NOT a normal weak showing 1-year out for an incumbent president seeking re-election.

Historically, he’s far below Barack Obama at this point (who won) and significantly lower than Donald Trump (who lost). H.W. Bush was higher, but his approval was falling RAPIDLY from far higher than Biden has ever been.

It’s not just that these demographic groups are “abandoning” Joe Biden. Donald Trump is gaining among key Democratic constituencies, Hispanic, Under 35. It’s the one poll NOT showing gains among Black voters. Clearly he is in the consensus.

I’d just also note that “enthusiasm” and “voting likelihood” are not the same thing. Higher turnout benefits Trump.

People need to get used to understanding that now.

Lastly, while they are just reshuffling the bottom of the deck, Nikki Haley has overtaken Ron DeSantis nationally. Almost identical to our latest results @BIGDATAPOLL.

Richard is referring to this interesting USA Today article. Take a peek at that headline:

The weakness Joe is experiencing is concerning for Democrats more than just a funk. This is hardly unexpected, though, for anyone who has been really aware of the American people—many people despise his policies.

USA Today reports:

President Joe Biden heads into the election year showing alarming weakness among stalwarts of the Democratic base, with Donald Trump leading among Hispanic voters and young people. One in 5 Black voters now say they’ll support a third-party candidate in November.

In a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, Biden’s failure to consolidate support in key parts of the coalition that elected him in 2020 has left him narrowly trailing Trump, the likely Republican nominee, 39%-37%; 17% support an unnamed third-party candidate.

When seven candidates are specified by name, Trump’s lead inches up to 3 percentage points, 37%-34%, with independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the top of the third-party candidates at 10%.

According to a poll done by The Daily Mail, respondents saw President Trump as the candidate of “economy,” “power,” and “revenge,” and Biden as the “nothing” candidate.

Via the Daily Mail:

‘In the case of Donald Trump, the brand that has emerged is one that he has intentionally cultivated, and he has sought to become the candidate of vengeance.

‘In the case of Biden, I think this is perhaps not great news. But then again it’s not terrible: It could have been old, it could have been demented.

‘Instead, it’s nothing. It’s a blank slate. And they do say vanilla is the most popular flavor of ice cream.’

Being called “nothing” is the worst thing that can happen to a politician. Joe firmly believes that there is political death involved. Meanwhile, in a development that surprised even Biden, there is a resurgence of interest in the rigged 2020 election, which many in the Uniparty system have attempted to spin as the “fairest election of all time.”


Polls show that most Americans think there was election fraud in 2020, despite their best efforts to tell us differently.

WION News reports:

In a survey, a large number of likely voters believe cheating affected the US President Joe Biden’s win over former president Donald Trump in 2020.

Even more people feel that a key Democratic election reform scheme will hike the fraud. The survey has been done by Rasmussen Reports. 56% respondents felt ‘It’s likely that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election’ including 41%, who say it’s ‘very likely’, said the survey.

In the end, Joe Biden’s current situation is historic—just not in the way that other presidents have gone through downturns. In terms of rejection, it’s historic because the American people—including important Democratic groups—have had enough of him and Trump and are ready to rebuild America. What strategies will Democrats and their Deep State allies employ to try to stop what’s coming?


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