DA Fani Willis Just Received Horrible News

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In the upcoming two weeks, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis will find out if she will be excluded from the Trump-Georgia election meddling case by a judge.

Following the conclusion of numerous attorneys’ closing statements in the racketeering case against former President Donald Trump and others, Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee made this announcement.

“The decision will come down to whether the judge believes Willis had a financial incentive to hire special prosecutor Nathan Wade for the case. Willis and Wade admitted to a romantic relationship, but the timeframe of that relationship was the crux of the argument about whether the relationship was improper,” AOL reported.

Willis is charged with having an affair with Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor, which could jeopardize one of the four criminal cases against Trump, according to lawyers.

The link, according to opponents, undermines public faith in the prosecution, despite Willis’ office maintaining that there is no evidence of any financial or professional misconduct deriving from their connection.

Days of intense testimony have dominated the case, with most of the attention being on the prosecutors’ personal lives rather than the allegations of election tampering.

The defense has accused Willis and Wade of lying about the duration of their relationship, raising concerns about the potential message that their continued participation in the case may send.

Willis may face the same legal repercussions as Trump and his other co-defendants in the RICO lawsuit she filed against them over the 2020 election, according to a number of lawyers and legal experts.

Experts surmise that she may face charges of perjury due to her sworn statement in court about the beginning of her connection with Nathan Hale, the special prosecutor she recruited to help with the case.

Last month, Willis testified under oath that she and Wade first became romantically involved after Trump was indicted. The former president’s lawyers contend they have phone records to support their debunking of this story. Furthermore, according to a few witnesses, Willis and Wade started dating somewhat earlier.

Democratic congressman Willis might be charged with perjury by Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr, a lawyer with Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae in Los Angeles, California, said Eric Anderson.

“Considering the political atmosphere, I wouldn’t be wholly shocked if the Republican attorney general took action. Anderson stated that Attorney General Carr has already demonstrated a propensity to prosecute elected officials in criminal cases.

“When it comes to politics, anything is possible. Unless the alleged perjury is about a fact material to the matter at hand, perjury charges are not likely for a regular witness,” Anderson added.

Newsweek was informed by New York University law professor Stephen Gillers that Trump’s attorneys wish to “shift the question before the court from disqualification to perjury.”

“The judge ought to concentrate on this case’s actual disqualification issue. Is there any evidence to suggest that Willis decided to pursue the case in order to give Wade money so he could afford to treat her to opulent vacations? Gillers continued.

“The answer is no. Willis started her investigation in February 2021 and did not hire Wade, who was not her first choice, until nine months later. She got an indictment and four guilty pleas,” Gillers said.

“Her successes so far rebut any suggestion that she brought or continued the case to generate fees for Wade. To the contrary, her successes so far tell us she did so because in fact it is a meritorious case,” Gillers added.

Additionally, Greg Germain, a law professor at Syracuse University in New York, warned Newsweek that the district attorney might face charges of perjury.

“Perjury charges against Willis are a possibility if the prosecution can demonstrate that Willis intentionally lied while testifying. To file the charges, the case would need to be submitted to a prosecutor, most likely from a different DA office or a state or federal prosecutor. Although it is uncommon, people have been prosecuted with perjury for lying under oath over personal relationships in high-profile instances such as that involving Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski. Thus, Germain stated, “Yes, a prosecution for perjury is possible.”

Prof. Jonathan Turley of Georgetown University Law School, a renowned authority on constitutional law, also broke some bad news to Willis last week after a boisterous court session in which she may have lied.

“The astonishing thing about this is that you have two prosecutors who stand accused of filing false statements in court,” Turley said during a Fox News segment. “Mr. Wade is accused of answering interrogatories falsely. And Willis is accused of making false statements in her filings. That’s what they’re prosecuting defendants in the case for.”

“My question is, will he refer these two to the bar? There are allegations of false statements being filed. Their testimony did not help in that respect. And so will [Judge Scott McAfee] say, ‘Look, I’m going to suggest that one or both of you remove yourselves or maybe even order it, but I am also going to ask the bar to look into these allegations’?”


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