Daughter of Judge Overseeing Trump’s Case Works for ‘Kamala Harris Campaign’, Now Runs Company That Serves Biden-Harris Campaign

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If the United States Judicial system had the type of system we claim to have, the judge who is ruling on the case against President Donald J. Trump, a candidate for President in 2024, would have the integrity to remove himself for conflict of interest.

However, as honest Americans will notice, our country’s institutions and all three branches of government have been invaded and transformed by a large group of usurpers who are working very hard to turn our Republic against us.

And here is proof that our judges are often corrupt and act as social justice warriors, not impartial judges.

Judges are not supposed to be leftist activists.

The Judicial system is also known as the “third branch of government”. Where the people elect the executive and legislative branches, members of the Judicial Branch are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

The Judicial part of our federal government includes the Supreme Court and9 Justices. They are special judges who interpret laws according to the Constitution. These justices only hear cases that pertain to issues related to the Constitution. They are the highest court in our country. The federal judicial system also has lower courts in each state to hear cases involving national issues.

All three parts of our federal government have their main headquarters in Washington, D.C.

And we know that a man who ran on the platform of using lawfare against Trump over his America First agenda has done the unthinkable.

According to legal experts, what is happening at the hands of one NY DA- could trash the judicial system beyond repair.

Alvin Leonard Bragg Jr. (born October 21, 1973) is an American politician and lawyer from New York City serving as the New York County District Attorney covering Manhattan. In 2021, he became the first African American elected to that office.

Most Americans know that Bragg has acted out in political interest to have President Trump arrested. And now we see the judge is corrupt too.

In both the case of the DA and the judge, we are currently dealing with dirty nasty politics- destroying the integrity of the law and stealing our civil liberties.

The U.S. has been under a cultural revolution for several years, and its final transformation appears to be upon us with the arrest and persecution of Trump.

The cultural revolution wants to forget that the U.S. was a leading superpower and a beacon of liberty and justice for the world’s ordinary men and women.

What was once a judicial system of integrity and morality has been transformed into bribes, kickbacks, and personality cults- serving an elite band of Democrats and RINOs who have weaponized the U.S. Government, law enforcement, and the courts to be used against the enemies of their power grabs.

And this story by Anthony Scott is the perfect example. Scott previously reported about the New York Supreme Court Justice, Juan Merchan, who presides over President Trump’s Stormy Daniels so-called ‘hush payment’ case.

What Scott discovered is shocking that no one is taking it seriously.

Judge Merchan previously oversaw the tax fraud cases of the Trump’s Org and the Trump Org’s former CFO Allen Weisselberg.

Trump is not a fan of Merchan and took to Truth Social last week and wrote, “Juan Manuel Merchan, was hand-picked by Bragg & the Prosecutors, & is the same person who “railroaded” my 75-year old former CFO, Allen Weisselberg.”

Merchan has been described as a lifelong Democrat, and a bombshell discovery of his daughter’s LinkedIn account reveals his daughter is not just a Democrat but a Democrat who previously worked on Kamala Harris’ Presidential campaign.

The discovery was pieced together from a photo posted by the Geneseo Alumni Office that featured Judge Merchan with the caption, “One of the panelists was Hon. Juan Merchan, Court of Claims Judge sitting as an Acting Justice of the Supreme Court — Criminal Term, New York County, and parent of Loren Merchan ’11.”

A quick search online led to Loren Merchan’s LinkedIn account, which showed she graduated from Suny Geneseo in 2011, just as the Geneseo Alumni page wrote.

Now the exciting part comes.

Scott reported:

Loren’s work history section reveals she worked as the Director of Digital Persuasion for Kamala Harris for the People.

She stopped working for Kamala Harris for the People when Harris dropped out of the Presidential race in December 2019.

While working with the Kamala Harris campaign, Loren also served as the Vice President of Authentic Campaigns. Per its site, it is a digital agency that raises “hundreds of millions of dollars for progressive campaigns” through digital persuasion programs.

Authentic Campaigns was also heavily involved with Harris’ campaign, and the company served as Harris’s leading digital vendor.

Loren currently serves as the President of Authentic Campaigns, and the company appears to be a big fan of Kamala Harris. Still, this is the background of its site.

After Harris dropped out of the race, Authentic worked with the Biden-Harris campaign.

Judge Juan Merchan has too much conflict of interest to oversee Trump’s case and should recuse himself immediately.


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