Democrat Candidate Gets Brutal Surprise Upon Arriving At Polling Station

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Kim Ogg, the district attorney for Harris County, was surprised to learn that a vote had already been cast in her name at the Love Park Community Center polling place.

DA Ogg was shocked to discover that her right to vote had apparently been taken away from her when she went to the polls with the purpose of taking part in the political process.

The Houston Chronicle said that the initial reason for the confusion pointed to a clerical error, stating that when Ogg’s partner tried to vote earlier, an election worker inadvertently pulled up Ogg’s voter number instead.


In response to X, Harris County Clerk Teneshia Hudspeth stated that it is a requirement of the voting procedure for participants to carefully review and confirm their information on the iPad screen during qualification.

Hudspeth stated, “In this instance, the DA’s partner must not have noticed that the information was not hers, and proceeded to sign in and vote under DA Ogg’s name,” Hudspeth wrote. “Clerical errors can occur at the polls. It is the voter’s responsibility to verify that their information in the iPad screen is correct.”

The Clerk’s office was able to make things right so that DA Ogg could exercise her right to vote and the poll book was fixed. Voting has now opened for DA Ogg, who is running a close primary against Sean Teare.


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