Democrat Mayor Slapped With Instant Karma After Illegal’s Savage Killing

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Upon being accused of lying about the region’s sanctuary immigration policy, the Democratic governor of a suburban county outside of Atlanta watched his press conference regarding the recent murder of a resident by an illegal immigrant blow up in flames.

Just over 120,000 people call Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, home. It was here that 22-year-old Laken Hope Riley, a medical student at the University of Georgia, was brutally murdered. Jose Antonio Ibarra, a Venezuelan illegal immigrant, was taken into custody by the police and accused of killing her. County Mayor Kelly Girtz defended his government’s policies during a press conference on Tuesday, claiming that Ibarra did not seek refuge there because of them.

Before Athens-Clark County citizens could speak, Girtz had a little time to discuss sanctuary cities, stating that the word “means different things to different people depending on the discussion.”

“We know what it means!” shouted a man from behind the camera.

“Liar!” a woman adds just before a flood of agreeing voices drown Girtz’s rebuttal out.

“We are here to listen and there will be time for questions,” he replies.

“You are guilty and you’ve got blood on your hands for this murder, sir!” shouts the same protestor.

Speaking over his detractors, Mayor Girtz declared that Georgia forbade the policies of “sanctuary cities,” which are areas where local police are not authorized to work with federal immigration agents in their pursuit of detainers for illegal immigrants.

“You need to resign! Resign now!” yells the crowd in response.


The enraged crowd is seen in the back brandishing signs and yelling at Girtz to stop lying, seen by another camera angle.


In response to Riley’s murder, the Democratic mayor announced that he is working with the county’s police force to strengthen security. These actions include plans to fund the establishment of a real-time crime center in the area, which would integrate public and private cameras into a single system and employ people around-the-clock; acquire ATVs to facilitate officers’ access to difficult-to-reach areas; and extend the area’s camera network to areas where data suggests additional police observation is necessary.

The Athens-Clarke County Sheriff’s Office submitted a statement disputing its execution of sanctuary city regulations after being contacted for comment by a local Fox affiliate.

“Staff shall make prompt notification as provided for in this directive to the Appropriate United States agency and/or foreign consulate whenever a foreign national is taken into custody,” they wrote.

According to current policy, an individual who is placed under ICE detention “shall not be held solely on the ICE detainer if a detainer is issued but is not accompanied by a federal warrant or court order signed by a federal magistrate or federal judge.” In the event that a person has a warrant, they will still be released after 48 hours if federal agents do not pick them up.

Critics are refuting assertions that crime is declining in areas where migrants settle, citing a startling increase in unauthorized border crossings at the southern border. After multiple migrants viciously attacked police officers in New York City, Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was mercilessly questioned about his decision to let the attackers go free on bond.


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