Democrat Senator Arrested for Keying SUV with ‘Biden Sucks’ Bumper Sticker

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Joshua Miller, a 69-year-old Democratic state senator from Rhode Island who represents Cranston and Providence, has been detained and charged with Vandalism/Malicious Injury to Property.

Because the car had an anti-Biden bumper sticker, he is charged with purposefully damaging the vehicle.

Senator Joshua Miller is claimed to have scratched an automobile with a key, according to a report by WJAR News in Providence. On a Thursday afternoon, the event took place at the Garden City Shopping Center.

As they made their way back to their car after going shopping, witnesses claimed to have heard a loud scratching noise.

After the victim reported the alleged vandalism, Cranston police were called to the site.

“Police observed a single long scratch mark on the rear passenger door, consistent with that of a car being freshly “keyed.” The vehicle had a sticker in the rear window which said “Biden sucks,” Rhode Island Current reported.

Miller was captured in Garden City about two hours after the complaint was filed, according to WJAR News.

Miller was wearing the exact clothes as described by the witnesses, according to the film from the Cranston police body cameras, with the exception of his jacket, which was stowed away in a bag.

When questioned by the police about changing clothes there, Miller responded, “I took my jacket off, that’s not against the law.”

Miller said that the owner of the car had followed him and verbally threatened him, but he denied doing any damage to the car.

Miller further speculated, “I am a state senator. I think he recognized me. I think he is one of those ‘gun nuts.”

Miller may be seen near to the wrecked car on the shopping center’s video camera. Miller admitted to the crime when police later questioned him at his house.

Major Todd Patalano can be heard saying to Miller in the body camera tape, “We got evidence, so you tell us how you want to handle this. You keyed his car key? “Yeah,” Miller responded when asked.

Miller explained his behavior by claiming that the owner of the automobile had yelled at him and “dared” him to do so. Patalano responded by saying, “We can either make a big deal of this or a little deal, so.” Miller asked for the officer’s advice because he didn’t want to be accused of covering up something.

Miller voluntarily went to the Cranston Police Headquarters after agreeing with the officer’s opinion, where he was accused of vandalism and deliberate damage to property.

According to WJAR, the senator was freed on a $1,000 personal recognizance and will be legally charged on July 18.



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