Disgraced Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Lands Absurd New Job

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Former Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot (D), in the ultimate demonstration of not needing the qualifications for the job if you match the diversity requirements, will start teaching at the esteemed Harvard University less than a full month after quitting her political position.

The former Chicago official would be teaching a course tentatively titled “Health Policy and Leadership” after being hired by the university, according to The Harvard Gazette, which reported on the news. Lightfoot will participate in the Menschel Senior Leadership Fellows Program, which, according to the writing, “offers a rare opportunity for those who have recently served in top-level positions in government, multilateral institutions, nonprofit organizations, and journalism to spend time at the School mentoring and teaching students who aspire to similar roles.”

The article makes the bold assertion that she “led a coordinated, citywide response across government, business, and community organizations to safeguard public health and minimize economic impact from the COVID-19 pandemic” in an effort to showcase the various “successes” she achieved while mayor.

The text also highlighted the diversity pick in Lightfoot, pointing out that she was “Chicago’s first Black woman and first openly gay mayor,” which made her an obvious candidate to fulfill Harvard’s diversity quota.

Michelle A. Williams, Dean of Faculty at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health said, “I’m delighted to welcome Mayor Lightfoot to Harvard Chan School as a Menschel Senior Leadership Fellow. As mayor, she showed strong leadership in advocating for health, equity, and dignity for every resident of Chicago, from her declaration of structural racism as a public health crisis to her innovative initiative to bring mental health services to libraries and shelters. And of course, she led the city through the COVID-19 pandemic,” per CBS News.

Lightfoot herself took to her Twitter in order to express her delight in her new position, writing, “I’ve always loved teaching, and the opportunity to get back to it is something I am excited about. Looking forward to sharing the experiences and perceptions I learned governing through one of the most challenging times in American history with the @HarvardChanSPH community!”

One of the oldest and most renowned institutions in the United States has made the decision to select one of the least accomplished mayors in the history of the country. This should put to rest any doubt as to whether or not prestigious American institutions are on the decline as a result of this decision. Exciting new developments are on the horizon for Harvard and Lightfoot as they continue their downward trajectory.


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