Disturbing Hunter Biden White House Video Launches More Cocaine Rumors

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The Secret Service and other legal professionals have outlined the steps that will be taken to find the person who carried cocaine into the White House, including reviewing video footage.

Regarding that, a number of individuals online have brought out Hunter Biden’s apparent weird conduct at a White House function.

Sadly, Hunter used cocaine as part of his substance abuse problem. While there is currently no proof that he is still using the drug or that he was the person carried it into the White House, a short video clip of Joe Biden’s son has people scratching their heads.

Joseph Biden can be seen in the video waving from a White House balcony with his family around him during the latest 4th of July holiday weekend. Hunter, who was also there, said goodbye to his wife and little boy and raised his palm to his nose, which fuelled rumors that he might be using cocaine.

There hasn’t been any publicly available proof or even an inclination that Hunter Biden is reusing it. But hardcore drugs are tough to quit. Especially if you’re stressed out and in the public spotlight for possibly taking massive bribes from foreign countries in order to give your powerful father major kickbacks.

Nevertheless, a source with knowledge of the case on Wednesday revealed that cocaine had indeed tested positive in lab tests for the substance found in the White House on Sunday.

Oddly enough, the not-fake news outlet CNN truthfully reported that “Previous field testing showed a positive result for cocaine, but the substance was sent for further evaluation and testing, the Secret Service had said previously. The substance was found near the ground floor entrance to the West Wing, the person said. The location is where staff-led tours of the White House pass through on their way into the building.”

“The substance was found near where guests are asked to leave their cell phones before proceeding into the West Wing. Sources had previously described the substance as a white powder found in a small, zipped bag. It was found by Secret Service personnel conducting routine rounds of the building. The discovery of the substance on Sunday evening triggered a brief evacuation as part of what the Secret Service described as ‘precautionary closures.’”

Joe Biden returned to the White House on Tuesday morning after spending the weekend at Camp David. All the while, authorities are trying to identify the person who carried cocaine into the structure.

An expert in law enforcement has described how he thinks the probe into who might have taken cocaine into the White House this week would proceed.

The search will be extensive, according to CNN commentator John Miller, a writer and former official with the New York Police Department, and it would involve “a wide range of possible suspects, including staffers or even journalists,” according to the Daily Wire.

On Wednesday, CNN host Jake Tapper asked Miller to discuss how the cocaine, could have entered a guest lobby in the White House and to give viewers a report regarding what he has learned to date.

When asked if he agreed with the Secret Service’s assumption that a tourist carried it in, Miller responded, “No.”

“That’s a possibility because people who come through — the tours go through there,” Miller explained. “But that area is … you’ve been through that entrance, I’ve been through that entrance … there’s the canopy right there, it comes in off the street, and then you go in there — there’s a bunch of cubbies where you put your phones if you’re going to one of those restricted areas where you can’t carry a phone — like the Situation Room or somewhere else — where people can put other belongings.”

The cocaine was discovered nearby, “right by where those cubbies are,” and he went on to say that the person responsible might be a member of the White House staff.

According to Miller, the perpetrator might possibly be “a member of the press who was there for a specific interview with someone on that side of the West Wing.”

In a Wednesday post on Truth Social, Trump asserted that the media will attempt to minimize the finding of narcotics in the White House by disputing the results of the lab tests.

Following initial testing that produced the same results, secondary lab results on Wednesday determined that the white powder material discovered in the White House on Sunday evening is cocaine.

The Secret Service is still looking for the person who carried the dime-sized bag of illegal substances onto White House grounds.

“Does anybody really believe that the COCAINE found in the West Wing of the White House, very close to the Oval Office, is for the use of anyone other than Hunter & Joe Biden,” Trump said in his post on the incident.

He added: “But watch, the Fake News Media will soon start saying that the amount found was ‘very small,’ & it wasn’t really COCAINE, but rather common ground up Aspirin, & the story will vanish.”


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