DOJ Issues Grand Jury Subpoena To Speaker Johnson

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The Department of Justice has issued a subpoena to the House of Representatives as part of a grand jury inquiry, as announced on Monday.

During the legislative session, House Reading Clerk Susan Cole conveyed a letter from House Sergeant at Arms William P. McFarland.

The Honorable, the Speaker, the House of Representatives. Sir, this is to notify you formally pursuant to rule 8 of the rules of the House of Representatives that the Office of the Sergeant at Arms for the House of Representatives has been served with a grand jury subpoena for documents issued by the U.S. Department of Justice.

After consulting with the Office of General Counsel, I have determined that compliance with the subpoena is consistent with the rights and privileges of the House.

Signed, sincerely, William P. McFarland, Sergeant at Arms of the House of Representatives.

Renowned legislative journalist Jamie Dupree observed that the absence of a clearly defined jurisdiction in the letter is exceedingly uncommon.

“When the Speaker is notified of a subpoena, the name of the court is always included,” he tweeted. “This one just says ‘a grand jury subpoena for documents issued by the U.S. Department of Justice.’”

Although the nature of the DOJ’s investigation was initially uncertain, Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News subsequently reported that the DOJ is investigating a House Democrat for purportedly misappropriating federal funds designated for personal protection.

Both House Speaker Mike Johnson and members of Democratic leadership have not yet commented on the topic.


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