Don Jr. Puts Dad On Blast Over Who He’s Picking For VP

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As former President Trump climbs in the polls, speculation as to his choice of running mate in the 2024 election grows stronger and more widespread.

There is no shortage of possible candidates for Trump’s running mate. The contenders still hanging on in the Republican primary are all possibilities, as are a collection of senators and governors and some outsiders of the political system who do not currently hold office.

Trump has been cagey as to his preferences and has not yet announced his choice for VP. But former South Carolina Governor and former UN Ambassador under President Trump Nikki Haley, although below Trump in polls, has been steadily climbing in those polls as of late.

Lara Trump has expressed openness to the prospect of a Trump-Haley ticket. “Crazier things have happened,” she previously told Newsmax. “I would never say never with Donald J. Trump.”

But the former president’s son is not so open to the idea. In fact, he is dead set against it. “I wouldn’t have her, and I would go to great lengths to make sure that that doesn’t happen,” he told Newsmax’s Eric Bolling in a recent interview.

However, Trump Jr. took note of Haley’s rise in the polls. “Ron DeSantis has proven that he doesn’t have what it takes to be on that stage. He’s embarrassed himself that way,” he opined. “She is now the preferred candidate.”

The NY Post reports:

“Nikki Haley wants never-ending wars. She’s a puppet of the establishment in Washington, DC. She’s the new favorite candidate of the billionaire class because they want control—no different than academia and Harvard and using their billions to exercise influence.”

Haley has skyrocketed in 2024 GOP primary polling over recent weeks, coming within four points of Trump in a recent American Research Group survey.

She served as Trump’s ambassador to the UN from 2017 to 2018. Amid her polling surge, there have been some murmurs about her becoming his vice president, including from former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ campaign has needled her over the VP chatter, recently launching a website for Trump-Nikki 2024.

In recent weeks, Trump has asked some of his confidants for their thoughts on Haley serving as vice president, CBS reported.

Haley has tamped down speculation of vice presidential aspirations, insisting, “I don’t run for second.” Moreover, she has criticized Trump, saying that “chaos and drama” follow him.

Haley is widely considered to be part of the Reoublican establishment, and that doesn’t set well with those who want to shake up the political system and see new constitutional blood in leadership.

Other MAGA supporters are not thrilled with the prospect of Haley.

The Post continued:

“MAGA would revolt if Nikki Haley were to even be given an internship in Trump’s next administration,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) predicted on X earlier this month.

“She represents the neocon establishment ‘America last’ wing of the Republican Party that we are absolutely done with.”

The Post contacted Haley’s campaign for a comment.

As Trump has been climbing in the polls, most notably in blue states, Haley’s climb up the polling numbers has caused many to make comments about the possibility, even though Trump remains coy in the matter. Though CBS reported on his queries about Haley as a running mate, it is certain that he is looking at all the contenders for VP as the new year and caucuses begin.

His former running mate, Mike Pence, dropped out of the presidential primary with embarrassing numbers. Pence failed to support his president in the January 6 chaos and the accusations that followed. It is certain, then, that Trump will consider loyalty as a top value in choosing his next running mate.

Haley has worked under Trump in the past, although the two butted heads.

DeSantis and Haley remain the top two contenders in the Republican primary. Vivek Ramaswamy receives low numbers despite continuing to campaign and call out the political establishment.

Haley and DeSantis are poised to square off in a CNN debate next month ahead of the Iowa caucuses on January 15, 2024. Eyes will be on that debate and how the two fare in contest with each other.

Quinnipiac University Poll and Morning Consult had Haley tying DeSantis for the first time last week, with 11%, with Trump ahead at 66-67%. Rasmussen Reports this past week show Trump at 51%, Haley at 13%, DeSantis at 9% and Ramaswamy still holding on at 1%. Haley appears to be a favorite across the board, and the upcoming debate could cement those numbers.

One thing is for sure: the MAGA community is being vocal about who they do NOT want. At a conservative conference recently, former Trump strategist Steve Bannon warned attendees that the GOP hierarchy would push Trump to choose Haley. Bannon told Politico that Haley used “outdated Republicna talking points” and embraced “Fox News-laundered neoliberal neocon policies that MAGA finds unacceptable.”

Source: Newsmax


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