Donald Trump Shows Off His Campaign Secret Weapon

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As former President Donald Trump takes off on the campaign trail all is in order for him to be able to efficiently make all of his rallies in record time. As an extremely wealthy man, Trump has the option of acquiring vehicles and tools to make his campaign efficient and top-notch without waiting for donations or approval.

He has been working behind the scenes to do just that and one of his tools for travel is his refurbished “Trump Force One” jet that he has had in extensive renovation and is now using. The standard 757-200 has about 228 seats. Trump’s version features 43 seats — plus a bedroom, guest suite, stateroom, conference area, and custom galley.

He bought it in 2010 and it was a key part of his 2016 campaign. Two years ago it was spotted as New York’s Stewart Airport, mechanically grounded with one of its engines shrouded in shrink wrap and in need of repair or replacement. Rather than buy a new plane, Trump opted for the specialized renovation, and it returned to service last year, after a thorough makeover and a paint job in Mississippi.

The jet in its new splendor was first seen at a November rally just before the midterms, and now he says it lacks nothing that Air Force One has. As always, Trump directed the renovation with class, and style, sparing no cost in options.

Trump is currently using the jet to campaign with a packed schedule, and Daily Mail was able to see the plane first hand, going along for the ride and a tour of the renovation by Trump himself. Just like on Air Force One, he is able to travel with journalists who can document his campaign. They are assigned to seats at the rear of the plane and brought forward when he is ready to chat.

“You look at the cockpit. There’s nothing in the cockpit that this one doesn’t have. I said just put the best,” Trump says. “They brought the engines to to zero time – like a brand new engine. Rolls Royce does it,” although Trump’s favorite feature is the lightning fast satellite internet connection. “Trump” is written in gold lettering on the outside, and the tail has a new design. Gone is the giant T — replaced with a fluttering “Stars and Stripes.”

On Saturday he flew to Waco, Texas, for his first rally of the 2024 campaign. And was given special access to see the bedroom and state room where the former president relaxes. Trump’s pride in the efficient plane was evident.

Trump with traveling journalists on his private jet on Saturday evening as he returned from delivering a 90-minute campaign speech in Waco, Texas

“We can travel with a lot of people. The fittings gleam. This table folds,” he says, demonstrating the flaps that lift up making it easier for passengers to slip in and out seats. “Well, it’s certainly convenient,” said Trump. “And I think it makes an impression because it’s just a great aeroplane.”

Ivanka Trump shared a throwback 2016 snap of her chomping down on McDonald’s with her father Donald aboard Trump Force One

“But I think more importantly it makes a fantastic impression on people because we’re gonna make our country great and you’d like to show equipment that’s great. It’s all part of everything.”

On Saturday night, former President Donald Trump talked through the modifications made to his 757 jet when it was refurbished last year

The arrival of the 757 on Saturday evening at Waco airport brought a waiting crowd to fever pitch, one of the advantages of having your own private jet: Part taxi, part rally backdrop, part inspirational symbol. And, for much of the return journey to West Palm Beach, the former president held court at a table in the main cabin. Behind him aides tucked into McDonald’s burgers while a new animation featuring Trump’s family coat of arms played on a screen that took up an entire wall, Daily Mail noted.

Daily Mail recited the journey and return home:

And his return on Saturday morning to West Palm Beach International Airport, choreographed by his Secret Service detail, also bore the hallmarks of a White House travel movement — up to a point.His motorcade pulled up to the rear steps of the plane, an agent standing guard at the SUV’s door until Trump emerged, in navy suit and open necked shirt.

He acknowledged the five members of the press traveling with him with a half raised hand and mouthed, ‘Thank you,’ as he climbed the steps. Inside he made straight for the main cabin, where the flat screen TV was tuned to the rally in Waco.

Ted Nugent was wringing an extravagant ‘Star Spangled Banner’ from his guitar as Trump greeted his aides already aboard — his dual campaign managers Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita, longtime adviser Jason Miller, and political director Brian Jack.

Stephen Cheung, who handles communications, Boris Epshteyn, his counsel, and Dan Scavino, who runs social media just as he did in the White House, were also in the traveling party and a reminder that several had been with him since his first run in 2016. Ten hours later, he has delivered a 90-minute speech to supporters in Waco, and the plane is descending back into West Palm Beach.


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