Ex-Secret Service Agent Getting Texts from Former Colleagues: ‘They Know Exactly’ Who Brought Cocaine to WH

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Despite the Secret Service’s official indifference to the White House cocaine scandal, Don Bongino, a former agent, isn’t giving it up lightly.

And some of the previous agents he worked with are not either.

In a report published on Twitter by a Daily Signal journalist , Bongino claimed that since the shocking find of cocaine in the White House on July 2 started garnering international attention, a circle of fellow agents began messaging and emailing him.

“They are absolutely furious about this,” Bongino told the reporter. “I got 50 emails, communications, texts from people. ‘This is embarrassing. Humiliating … They know exactly who it was.’”

in this regard, Bongino and his fellow ex-Secret Service agents do not agree with the Secret Service’s official judgment from last week saying the identity of the person who took cocaine inside the White House’s West Wing before the Fourth of July vacation will never be known.


Only a handful of people would have accessibility to that area of the White House in the first place, according to Bongino, who has frequently attacked the White House account of events involving the finding of the coke. Bongino presented these facts again with reporter Mary Margaret Olohan.

The West Wing of the White House has “limited access — it’s even more limited access on the weekend,” he explained when compared to the East Wing, that’s available for public tours and similar activities.

“So, there’s probably less than 200 people who could have left this cocaine,” he added.

“They gotta know who did it. The question is, who’s pressuring them … to not find out who did it. And it’s gotta be coming from this White House.”

Whatever the motivation behind the pressure, Bongino already made his feelings known when he urged the Secret Service’s officers and agents to resist letting the Democratic agenda breakdown their organization the way it has the FBI, a once-respected law enforcement agency that has tarnished its reputation in the public due to, among many other factors, its appalling handling of the Hunter Biden laptop probe and its interference in the 2020 election.

“There’s no way that this should have went down the way it did,” Bongino added. “Let me just say as a personal plea to my former colleagues in the Secret Service whom I adore and love, ‘Don’t do that agency what the FBI did to itself.'”

According to Bongino, the only true question surrounding the cocaine mystery is: “Is it Hunter or one of his friends?”

“Here’s the thing,” Bongino went on. “I’m in the Secret Service 12 years, a good amount of time. We’ve never had this problem. … By Occam’s Razor, the process of deduction. Keep things simple. Keep it simple, stupid.

“You’ve got this guy, we never found coke in there before. You’ve got a dude who’s doing coke on tape, who’s got a reputation for being a coke addict. He’s living in the White House. He’s there on Friday. The coke’s found on Sunday, and everybody is like, ‘Gosh, who could it be?’”

At this moment, it is impossible to confirm Bongino’s assertion that Hunter or someone affiliated with him was the source of the cocaine.

Perhaps it’s a person who didn’t know Hunter at all. Hunter may have earned his reputation for being infamous but he is not the only person with a record of drug abuse.

The Secret Service’s spectacle of conducting an “investigation” that featured no actual interviews is something that can very likely be said with absolute certainty in order to spare the Biden White House from additional political humiliation. That much is inevitable, whatsoever the real cocaine-producing force may be.

It has also done a lot to damage the Secret Service’s credibility, to the extent that the FBI is taking itself seriously under recent leadership, including the obviously dishonest Director Christopher Wray, instead of functioning as an arm of law enforcement committed to ensuring the safety of the president of the United States and other chosen individuals.

The majority of people in the United States aren’t ex-Secret Service agents but are just as capable of using rational thought as those who are messaging Bongino. And even the ardent Democrats among that number are very confident that the Secret Service ought to have discovered the source of the cocaine rather quickly if it had been truly interested in doing so.

Together with the Hunter Biden plea agreement that prevented him from being sent to prison and the facade that dementia Joe is not slipping into major mental deterioration, the White House’s claim that it hasn’t discovered the evidence or isn’t planning on communicating it with the public looks to be yet another coverup.


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