Feds Raid Top Democrat Mayor’s Home

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An FBI raid on Thursday morning targeted multiple places, including an Oakland residence connected to Mayor Sheng Thao, an insider informed ABC7 News. “On Maiden Lane, the FBI is carrying out law enforcement operations approved by the court. The FBI informed the newspaper, “We are unable to provide additional information at this time.

Although the specifics of the FBI’s probe are yet undisclosed, reports claim that the US Postal Service and the IRS are involved in this case. The residences of California Waste Solutions’ Andy Duong on View Crest Court, Mayor Sheng Thao on Maiden Lane in the Oakland Hills, David and Linda Duong of California Waste Solutions on Skyline Blvd., and the company’s office are among the confirmed sites that federal agents raided.

At around six in the morning, a neighbor woke up to the jarring noises of law enforcement hammering on her door. An ABC7 News crew on the scene saw a swarm of unmarked cars parked outside Mayor Thao’s house, and they saw agents carrying boxes out of the building. At ten a.m. on Thursday, Mayor Thao abruptly canceled her attendance at an event.

A neighbor named Maribel Sainez claimed that at about six in the morning, FBI agents began “banging” on the mayor’s door, startling the usually peaceful Oakland suburb of Lincoln Highlands, POLITICO said. Sainez continued, “The agents escorted Mayor Thao out of her home.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the city clerk’s office certified that the necessary amount of signatures had been received, meaning that Mayor Thao will be up for recall this coming November. Growing public unhappiness with the city’s management of crime rates and budgetary challenges gave rise to the recall movement, with many citizens holding Mayor Thao’s policies responsible for the city’s problems. This includes the well-publicized Oakland A’s departure from the city, which recall campaigners have cited as a significant shortcoming of her administration.

The trend toward a recall highlights a dramatic change in the political climate of the East Bay in the wake of the pandemic, as a progressive wave during the outbreak has encountered fierce resistance. This includes the recall of San Francisco prosecutor Chesa Boudin in 2022, who had a reformist outlook.

When Thao assumed office in January 2023, she became the first female Hmong American leader of a significant American city. She represented District 4 on the Oakland City Council from 2018 until she was elected mayor. She was one of ten children raised in a low-income household and endured homelessness. Prior to earning her degree from the University of California, Berkeley, Thao attended a community college.

The Mayor has primarily been criticized for the way she has handled problems with homelessness, public safety, and the city’s finances. Many Oaklanders are still deeply concerned about homelessness and crime rates, and they have expressed their unhappiness that these pervasive issues haven’t been adequately addressed by the ideas put out or carried out under her direction.







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